Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breathe Me.

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This piece was written by a good friend of mine Khaleefa for more of his work CLICK HERE  and check out his blog where you will find all of his work.

 Inhale, Exhale

Inhale, exhale the movement of a wind sail, wind fell from lungs that were in jail
Rib caged & in hell in need of intel of what to do when win fails just inhale
Catch it, hold it, & don’t ever lose it, use it when the world seems ruthless
It can leave you breathless like when the two kiss the connection of two lips
Tulips will do a dance brought on by the wind exhaled from Mother Nature’s lungs
When she gave her speech to the birds & the bees in her own cryptic native tongue
And if the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can bring about a tornado
Then exhaling together will bring about the winds of change that tore NATO
Drop a house on social injustice & we’ll quickly get used to the adjustments
Humans could be a race with substance in a Utopia where trust lives
But trust this; each breath we take is a definition of what our soul is

Cuz the day we stop breathing is the day we’re soulless hold this with a closed fist

Close to your heart & let it live in between those who won’t sleep & bros with gold teeth

And the one thing this poem and breathing both have in common is that they’re both deep
Inhale, exhale with enough force to power the movement of a windsail
And when win fails & you’re down on your luck & in hell remember just inhale

Sia - Breathe Me