Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Needs & Wants : Gram 380g Washed Navy Linen

 We all have that one item we always see whenever we walk into our favourite boutique, and every time you see it it's as if nothing else in the world at that very moment matters. Everything is slow mo, you block out all voices around you, your eyes begin to glisten in the light, the whole shabang. This is product is so dear to me I got to give it it's own spot for this edition of Needs & Wants.
This beautiful creature of a shoe is brought to you by the Gram, The name of the model is the Washed Navy Linen. What first caught my eye about this shoe was most definitely the pop of blue ( and we all know of my current craze with Blue ). Not only is the blue extremely rich but the washed linen texture gives it a touch of character and rugged appeal.

Gram  managed to embody a classic derby shoe construction and matched it with a sneaker like, lightweight, dura-lite outsole and rubber heel for upscale comfort. Gram has a wide variety of amazing pieces of footwear. These bad boys will surely be my next  pick up. If you are living in the Montreal area you will be able to pick these beauties up at the Alibi Boutique (506 Rachel E.)

P.S i had a female friend try these on and they look 200x better on females, believe me ladies. Women in menswear make our hearts flutter.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Puma Suedes x Marcus Troy

 Western Button Down - Vintage
Camo Trousers - Stussy
Sneakers - Puma
The Puma Suedes are indeed a classic, and with anyone who has a sense of style or event just an appreciation of style. Can admit they love and admire anything and everything that is a classic. These suedes take me back to my childhood memories snot nose kid running around in these. To now being 23 and still being able to wear these sneakers with the same appreciation and love.
Marcus Troy recently got together with a team over at Puma to put together a web space experience to share globally, the appreciation for these sneakers as well as different ways of styling them from our own personal perception, in which many others including myself had a chance to contribute to. Classics are forever timeless, and this web space is a great example of this statement.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thoughts from the ProprPostur filmed by Antoine Ryan

I teamed up again with my buddy Antoine, to collect a few thoughts and really put together a day to day piece.  Special thank you goes out to Jean - Benoit for the amazing logo design! It never gets easier to here my own voice.

I love my team.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emu Campbell Giveaway

Polo - Ralph Lauren
Cords - A.A
Shoes - Emu
Comfort should always be a priority when on the hunt for footwear, if not the top priority. I am a fan of many tradition style sof footwear such as the derby,buck, desert boot. But one of my all time favorite has to be the loafer. It's clean, minimalistic, and just adds a pinch of summery relaxation to an outfit.

Emu Australia, designed their own style of loafer called the Campbell. It is designed with a premium suede outer shell also paired with a rubber sole for great traction and comfort when on the go. When wanting to dress down for the day the Campbell loafer is a great option to have in your arsenal. 

And here I will be giving my readers a chance to win their own pair.


1) Like, Share and Comment on THIS photo via Facebook (if you do all 3 you have a greater chance of winning)
2) Tweet " I have entered the @Proprpostur x @EMUAustralia giveaway "

Giveaway closes on MAY 22 

Good Luck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Breaking In Shoes

Jacket - Club Moncao
Silk Scarf  Thrifted
Denim - Club Monaco
Shoes - Doc Martens
There really is no better joy than getting a new pair of shoes, it's one of those things that can turn an awful day to an enjoyable experience within minutes of a purchase. Some might say it's a tad therapeutic ( shopping in general ) and yes I can agree with that through my own personal experiences.
Couple months back Dr. Martens sent me a pair of these shoes, ever since I received them I have been anxiously waiting for the snow to disappear so I can give them a good run. As much as receiving new shoes whether they are purchased or given as a gift have some type of therapeutic value to it. There is always the dreaded "breaking them in stage". We've all been there especially when dealing with anything that contains a leather construction. No pain no gain, here this is in a literal sense.
A few quick tips to break in new shoes.
  • Wear them around the house for a about a day or two, try to get really comfortable in them. Take a few breaks if needed. You don't want to be found trekking through the city in unbearable pain not being able to carry on with your day. So being at home is the most logical place to be when breaking in shoes no matter the method. 
  • When at home try wearing a thick wool sock with the shoe to really give it that stretch. You can also soak the sock before using it, this method also helps with the stretching process.
  • Large Pieces of newspaper rolled into balls and stuffed inside the shoe have a great effect on leather. It makes the leather suppler.  
If you have anymore tips or tricks leave a comment below. I'd love to read them.
Thank you for reading.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Needs & Wants

Sta-Prest Pants

This Spring Levis brings back their 1964 Sta-Prest technology to offer bold,clean coloured trousers in the freshest new fits. The Sta-Prest Pant are designed to uphold a permanent crease even after going through the washing and drying processes. This is really how mixing old with the new is done right and made practical.
Polo Ralph Lauren Surf Print Polo

Last year I picked up THIS floral polo from Ralph Lauren, I fell in love with it the moment I spotted it on the rack. Guess what just last week I fell in love again, but this time it was over Tumblr. Polo has designed this gorgeous Americana Vintage - style surf print shirt. Nothing says summer more than surfers on your shirt, plus I'm a big print fanatic and Polo as always hit the nail right on the head with this one.

Get yours HERE

Gretzky Jacket by Roots Canada

Yeaaaaa!! I'm about to let my Canadian boy side shine for a moment. For a good while now I have been searching for a varsity jacket that speaks at high volume. Instead of just being a plain varsity with leather sleeves, get something that just may leave an impression or even represent something you stand for. Whether its' a team or high school, in this case I got to represent for Canada. What way to better represent with a Gretzky Jacket. This jacket is designed and handcrafted here in Canada, it features great detailing such as exterior pockets with leather trimming, knit collar,cuffs, and waistband.

Get Yours HERE

Monday, May 7, 2012

Peaks & Valley's : School Is Out


  • The above photo I shot yesterday, home girl Val. I met her in my English class this past semester and hounded her down to get her to noel for me. SUCCESS! 
  • It's no official yet but summer seems to be here in Montreal. The official first day of summer is June 21, hopefully Mother Nature can hold out.
  • A schoolmate of mine recently just picked up 2 major internships in New York. He's a hard noise ambitious young man who even though we never really hung out much. We always had a mutual connection to one another and a great understanding and appreciation. I know he's going to go as far as he wants to there is no doubt about that in my mind. Some people just have it and others don't and he surely has it. I wish you the best of luck Tristan in your future endeavors and surely we will cross paths again.
  • Buddy Jean-Benoit hooked me up with a new logo and elements for my updated site. FIRE!
  • SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!

  • Did a bit of video work this past weekend. I thought the editing process was going to be easy peasy! Pfft I could never have been more wrong. 
  • My favourite piece that I own ( Ankh ring ) broke!! ARGH I was in rage for 2.3 seconds, the hunt for another shortly began afterwards. I doubt I'll find the perfect substitute though.
  • Cafes are so awkward for me at times. There are many occasions where I would be sitting minding my own business and I slowly begin to drift into Lala Land. I end up staring at someone in the cafe without realizing it. But then I don't realize I'm staring at them until they are staring back at me because I was staring at them. *Awkward*
  • Repeating myself <

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Pick Up : Florsheim - The Kearny

Not too long ago I purchased The Kearny shoe from Florsheim. Its the latest baby in my arsenal of footwear along with a new pair of  Clarks Desert Boots I purchased not too long ago as well. What I love about these is that they pretty much look great with anything you pair them with khakis, denim, chinos, a suit, you name it. The design aspect of this shoe is note able as well it offers a bio comfort sock liner and a rubber sole to give that extra soft landing step as you trek around the city. Stylish, comfortable, and easy to move in you can't lose with this one. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you really want it ?

The money, cars, fame, and all the women you can ever desire. Sounds great doesn’t it. Give in take what you want pending on your values along with everything in life it all comes back to taste. But nevertheless we all want to be successful in whatever it is we pursue in life.  When it comes to it there is difference between saying you want it and going to get it.  People say they want it, but they don’t really want it as much they believe they want it. It’s just that the thought of having it sounds great but either they are not built to get or they are not willing to build and work to get it.

The hardest part for anyone to swallow when trying to pursue something is that success does not happen over night. Never mind what you see on the TV screen or movie theatre. Truth of the matter we have truly become so blindfolded by the glitz and glamour, then fail to take time to understand the work that went into what it is that you are witnessing. Reasons why I feel like there are so many rappers/musicians born over night bombarding use via social networking with their rubbish they call music.  

Nothing happens over night, I think that was and still is probably the biggest thing for me to ever accept and swallow while continuing my blog. Hoping that it will somewhat help and guide me into the road that I want to set for myself.  Its really all a process that doesn’t so much have a planned destination per say, but the destination is really all about the journey on how you got there. It builds character, experience, values etc. No one is born a CEO of a major company it doesn’t work that way, in high school you may decide you want to run your own menswear line. But it doesn’t happen over night it takes many years of hard work, faith, and consistency. And yes so may argue passion is a key that you must have. Mmmmm yes and no, there are millions of people who are successful at what they do but lack passion. The only reason they do it is for the profit that goes into their pocket. I said to a friend of mine earlier “ Passion guarantees you happiness not success”. Your passion will keep you happy no matter what happens, it’s like a mental safety blanket. But doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be successful.

We all have that one friend that every 6 months they are doing something new with their life. They just jump from one trend to the next and consider themselves a photographer, rapper, beat maker, etc. They just want to go for what they feel is hot at the moment the new “IT” thing.  I don’t know about you guys but people like that I must cut out of my life. They can’t really be trusted; they clearly do not trust themselves and be consistent with their own lives. So how beneficial and trust worthy will they really be in your life. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

So if you really want something get up and get it! Make that phone call, send that email, make that trip across town, do not sleep for 4 days, do whatever it takes to get you to be where you want be.

"Bite your tongue for no one and for whatever is said, take it how they want a closed mouth don’t get fed” – Jay Z