Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you really want it ?

The money, cars, fame, and all the women you can ever desire. Sounds great doesn’t it. Give in take what you want pending on your values along with everything in life it all comes back to taste. But nevertheless we all want to be successful in whatever it is we pursue in life.  When it comes to it there is difference between saying you want it and going to get it.  People say they want it, but they don’t really want it as much they believe they want it. It’s just that the thought of having it sounds great but either they are not built to get or they are not willing to build and work to get it.

The hardest part for anyone to swallow when trying to pursue something is that success does not happen over night. Never mind what you see on the TV screen or movie theatre. Truth of the matter we have truly become so blindfolded by the glitz and glamour, then fail to take time to understand the work that went into what it is that you are witnessing. Reasons why I feel like there are so many rappers/musicians born over night bombarding use via social networking with their rubbish they call music.  

Nothing happens over night, I think that was and still is probably the biggest thing for me to ever accept and swallow while continuing my blog. Hoping that it will somewhat help and guide me into the road that I want to set for myself.  Its really all a process that doesn’t so much have a planned destination per say, but the destination is really all about the journey on how you got there. It builds character, experience, values etc. No one is born a CEO of a major company it doesn’t work that way, in high school you may decide you want to run your own menswear line. But it doesn’t happen over night it takes many years of hard work, faith, and consistency. And yes so may argue passion is a key that you must have. Mmmmm yes and no, there are millions of people who are successful at what they do but lack passion. The only reason they do it is for the profit that goes into their pocket. I said to a friend of mine earlier “ Passion guarantees you happiness not success”. Your passion will keep you happy no matter what happens, it’s like a mental safety blanket. But doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be successful.

We all have that one friend that every 6 months they are doing something new with their life. They just jump from one trend to the next and consider themselves a photographer, rapper, beat maker, etc. They just want to go for what they feel is hot at the moment the new “IT” thing.  I don’t know about you guys but people like that I must cut out of my life. They can’t really be trusted; they clearly do not trust themselves and be consistent with their own lives. So how beneficial and trust worthy will they really be in your life. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

So if you really want something get up and get it! Make that phone call, send that email, make that trip across town, do not sleep for 4 days, do whatever it takes to get you to be where you want be.

"Bite your tongue for no one and for whatever is said, take it how they want a closed mouth don’t get fed” – Jay Z


Thank you for reading.