Monday, April 30, 2012

Alterations : Cuffs vs. Hems

Do not get me wrong I am still somewhat of a fan of a rolled cuff on a denim or casual chino pant. But as of late I have been altering my pants whenever I get a new pair or to spice up an old pair I just have lying around. With menswear everything is about detail and fitting, and with altered pants you are always in a win situation because you can get it exactly how you desire and more flattering to your figure (unless they completely butcher you garment). Overall comparing a rolled cuff to a shorter hem, clearly an altered hem is a much cleaner finish.

A cuffed hem is more of a traditional look to go for, however I am not too much of a cuffed hem fan. So I choose to just get a hemmed alteration and leave the cuffs to the more traditional sartorially gentlemen. The hem alone I feel is a much cleaner, sharper, and more laid back feel rather versus an additional cuff. If I go for a cuff it's only going to be a casual roll up. It's all about personal taste in the end.

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