Sunday, April 29, 2012

Selvedge Japanese Linen

Remember when linen was just about summer shirts and suits? Well its time to change all of that. Linen is doesn’t have to be considered just a summer fashion but appreciated all year round. Linen unlike cotton grows much better with time and washing. Just like your good old pair of Levi’s at first when you buy them they may be a bit stiff and discomforting but after time and wear you will never want to take them off.

I paired this tie with a classic oxford button up, to give it a pop. The contrast of the red striping is super clean and brings presence to the tie. Now the detailing on this tie is superb. For all the detail lovers you will love this. The name of the tie is Crazy Selvedge Japanese Linen Tie, and it lives up to every inch of its name. The multi colored selvedge at the tip of the tie brings life and character to this piece. 
The hand rolled tip is probably the greatest personal touch I have seen yet. Who else would get down and personally roll the tip of your tie for detailing? You shouldn’t really take yourself too serious all the time, ties can get boring but with a selvedge and rolled edges detailing such as this, you’re really giving a F*** You to the corporate world. These ties are made to order so that’s a plus when if you really want that own personal feel.

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