Monday, May 7, 2012

Peaks & Valley's : School Is Out


  • The above photo I shot yesterday, home girl Val. I met her in my English class this past semester and hounded her down to get her to noel for me. SUCCESS! 
  • It's no official yet but summer seems to be here in Montreal. The official first day of summer is June 21, hopefully Mother Nature can hold out.
  • A schoolmate of mine recently just picked up 2 major internships in New York. He's a hard noise ambitious young man who even though we never really hung out much. We always had a mutual connection to one another and a great understanding and appreciation. I know he's going to go as far as he wants to there is no doubt about that in my mind. Some people just have it and others don't and he surely has it. I wish you the best of luck Tristan in your future endeavors and surely we will cross paths again.
  • Buddy Jean-Benoit hooked me up with a new logo and elements for my updated site. FIRE!
  • SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!

  • Did a bit of video work this past weekend. I thought the editing process was going to be easy peasy! Pfft I could never have been more wrong. 
  • My favourite piece that I own ( Ankh ring ) broke!! ARGH I was in rage for 2.3 seconds, the hunt for another shortly began afterwards. I doubt I'll find the perfect substitute though.
  • Cafes are so awkward for me at times. There are many occasions where I would be sitting minding my own business and I slowly begin to drift into Lala Land. I end up staring at someone in the cafe without realizing it. But then I don't realize I'm staring at them until they are staring back at me because I was staring at them. *Awkward*
  • Repeating myself <

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