Sunday, May 13, 2012

Breaking In Shoes

Jacket - Club Moncao
Silk Scarf  Thrifted
Denim - Club Monaco
Shoes - Doc Martens
There really is no better joy than getting a new pair of shoes, it's one of those things that can turn an awful day to an enjoyable experience within minutes of a purchase. Some might say it's a tad therapeutic ( shopping in general ) and yes I can agree with that through my own personal experiences.
Couple months back Dr. Martens sent me a pair of these shoes, ever since I received them I have been anxiously waiting for the snow to disappear so I can give them a good run. As much as receiving new shoes whether they are purchased or given as a gift have some type of therapeutic value to it. There is always the dreaded "breaking them in stage". We've all been there especially when dealing with anything that contains a leather construction. No pain no gain, here this is in a literal sense.
A few quick tips to break in new shoes.
  • Wear them around the house for a about a day or two, try to get really comfortable in them. Take a few breaks if needed. You don't want to be found trekking through the city in unbearable pain not being able to carry on with your day. So being at home is the most logical place to be when breaking in shoes no matter the method. 
  • When at home try wearing a thick wool sock with the shoe to really give it that stretch. You can also soak the sock before using it, this method also helps with the stretching process.
  • Large Pieces of newspaper rolled into balls and stuffed inside the shoe have a great effect on leather. It makes the leather suppler.  
If you have anymore tips or tricks leave a comment below. I'd love to read them.
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