Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kente Bowtie Giveaway

Blazer - Thrifted
Button Down - Polo
Scarf - Thrifted
Bow Tie - Akeyno
Belt - Thrifted
Drop Crotch Pants 
Socks - Happy Socks
Leather Lace Ups - Thrifted

As I have mentioned in previous posts. I was planning and upcoming giveaway, and here it is. For my first give away I have teamed up with Washington D.C native Yinka. Yinka is a D.I.Y accessory designer.

Everything in this shop is designed by Olayinka Onyeka Oni-Orisan, and is lovingly handmade in Washington, DC; no two pieces are exactly alike. From the use of African wax fabrics, to the unique choice of colors and patterns, Yinka’s creations clearly reflect her Nigerian heritage and culture. She integrates vintage treasures and recycled materials to create pieces that are sustainable and 
fashionable as well.

Check out   for more of her work.

Kenta cloth is not only used for its beauty, but it also carries strong symbolism. Each cloth has a name and a meaning; and each of the numerous patterns and motifs has a name and a meaning. Names and meanings are derived from historical events, individual achievements, proverbs, philosophical concepts, oral literature, moral values, social code of conduct, human behaviour and certain attributes of plant and animal life.

The abstract patterns and motifs are generally created by the weavers who also assign names and meanings to them. It is said that weavers tend to get their inspiration to name their creations from dreams or contemplative moments in their life. In which they have an encounter with the spiritual world. 

There are over 300 different types of cloth designs, each with its name. Each cloth design comes with numerous variations-in color and distribution of motifs. This chart presents names of 54 different cloth designs, and 42 motifs, their literal meanings and their symbolic significance. Symbolism are given interpretations on the basis of the general Akan culture.

The way it works is fairly simple.

1) You must be following my blog.
3) Lastly, leave a comment stating how you would wear the bow tie. And as well leave me your first name and email address.

I will decide a winner at random and announce it on here on my blog.
The give way closes APRIL 9th.   
Good luck everyone :)


  1. holiy mother mary!! that BELT!! i lvoe the belt more than i love the tie ^^

    already done all above rules


    PS: do come check out my CHANEL giveaway

  2. you remind me of HArry Potter =) cutie!

  3. chelsea malone

    i would wear the bowtie with EVERYTHING! ive been looking for an african print bowtie for the longest time! this would be perfect for my bow collection.

  4. first thanks for visiting my blog and introducing me to Yinka. love a good creative designer.

    here's my entry:
    i would probably style the bow tie in the traditional way with some wide leg black pants, a red clutch and add some long stacked gold necklaces for a feminie touch. then on other days my mind would probably see this bowtie as a bracelet or headband :-)

  5. LOVE your SWAG! Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am now following yours! Your outfit on this post is AMAZING! I love all of the prints. Everything flows nicely and I am a sucker for a man in a bow tie! ;-) Kiah

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  7. your style is so dope
    I wish more guys took fashion risk like you
    because you so nailed it with the vintage pieces
    thanks for the comment, now following :)
    maybe you can follow back?

  8. I love the details of the bow-tie, scarf and socks. On someone else I would say it would be too busy, but with you - it just works.


  9. bow-tie with a solid color button-down, with my vintage levis sleeveless denim vest. And let's not forget my tibetan prayer beads to pull all the colors together.

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  11. AH! Dino and

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  13. I'm digging this!! awesome with the socks and scarf! I hope you haven't heard this too often, but you sure look like a real Gryffindor in it ;)

    keep it up! :)

    Alicia im Wunderland

  14. That was fantastic. I like the bow tie. The big advantage of bow ties is that they look cooler than ties, A more practical advantage of bow ties is that they do not get in the way. Bow Ties


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