Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun in my face.

Outfit:  Shirt-Eva B / Shorts-Thrifted / Loafers-Thrifted

What beautiful weather we have been having as of late! I had to venture off to school to clean out my locker just before the janitors decided to throw out all of my belongings. Just like every other student, I waited until the last minute procrastination always finds its way to get the best of me. But it was a great relief to finish exams and really kick off my summer festivities. I just purchased a 50mm f/ 1.8 lens the other day, the sharpness and quality is amazing. Eventually I plan on moving up to a 1.4 but until than I'm extremely happy and satisfied with the lens. I will be uploading a few new pics to my PHOTO DIARY so give that a gander.
The weather was really calling for much lighter/comfortable apparel. I really don't know how I'm going to manage this summer and spring. Due to the reason that I love to layer and wear much more darker and earth tone colors. So spicing things up will be a bit of a challenge, especially when humidity comes into play. And I've already been warned on many occasions that  humidity here in Montreal is a really big issue as the summer months really progress. But meh, what doesn't kill you just makes u dress better right?


  1. This is look is so nice! Love your top!

  2. the shirt x shorts are nice! i'm about to pick up a 35 1.8 lens myself, have fun shooting!

  3. The print of your shirt is just so damn cool!

  4. So nice. Loving that shirt. Do your bracelets have some important significance? I've been meaning to ask you.


  5. you look so great! I love the brightness in both your socks and shirt! Also your bracelets look great with your whole ensemble. About the weather, I am from a super humid place too, you just have to try not to think about it. You will be uncomfortable if you wear anything so just try to wear what you want and forget about how you are feeling. haha That is bad advice maybe, but that is what I do and it is hella humid where I live. :) I hope you have a great week, and awesome time starting off you summer!! woo.

  6. super dupa cute!! I love the satchel!!!

  7. BANGING! OMG! Love It All.

    Marry Me? Swear Feel To Jump On The 1st Plane Over, There Isn't Enough Guys Like You In LDN.

    Jen xx

  8. i love this whole outfit i'd wear it and i am a girl!

    guys have the best clothes



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