Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Attention To Detail : Cuffs

Button Up - American Apparel
Braided Belt - Thrifted
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Socks - Happy Socks
I must say the "cuff/rolled up jean" is probably the fastest growing "trend" in style that I have seen in a good while. And for every one who reads my blog knows the cuff is a detail that I am very fond of. Even though rolling my jeans, khakis, or wool trousers is a trend. It is just become second nature to me just before I hit the town for the day.
There are actually a few different styles and techniques when it comes to rolling up your jeans, or maybe its just something that I just came up with in my mind over the years.These cuffs can be used in flexible manners, if your're going somewhere casual but not too urban maybe you would want your cuff to of coarse be a lot neater. Versus someone who is just enjoying a day out on the town.
But the cuffs don't just stop at the jeans. As well rolling up short sleeve t-shirts and button ups, has become a popular trend as of late. This style really originates back to the 50's when it was more functional, the motorcycle greasers would tend to roll their cigarette packs up into their sleeves. With any trend there must have been a functional use to it at one point and time.

Special thanks to SheDel over at the My Thrifted Closet for featuring me on her blog check it out.


  1. i love your attention to detail! redundant? but its truly amazing how you match things up

  2. great photos... love last one.

  3. love your style so much!

  4. Love the 3rd and last pic ! You look great as usual...Your style is simply impeccable :)


  5. holy cow, entering your blog for the first time. GREAT! just great! you are actually wearing each and every single piece here in your outfit like it was made for you. the jewelery, wow.
    this will so fit on the blog swagger360.

  6. thanks for the shoutout Spencer!! you are such a FIERCE man!! LOVING your look as ALWAYS

  7. Love the cuffed jeans, especially when you have a fly pair of socks on :) Love the accessories, as usual!



  8. this is such a great outfit love the accessories and the socks really tie everything together!


  9. Wow. You are the definition of 'north American chic' as my friend from London would say. But in all seriousness you really know how to put together an outfit.


  10. fly brother,love the first pic

  11. Attention, i'm here for the very first time! And the thing is: I am in love. You sweat style, fashion, good vibes... I love your mama Africa swag love it!
    You must be the best man in fashionblogs i'm seeing in a while.


  12. OMG, I love your blog! Awesome looks, you're amazing!

  13. So obsessed with the color and pattern of the sock with the shows and cropped pants..

    All the best, Angel

  14. Guy number three bracelets freaking rock!!!


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