Thursday, September 1, 2011

Show & Tell

Some things are just so gorgeous that you really just got to share sometimes. Just the other day I was heading out to work on a shoot with a few friends of mine. Unfortunately, they had ended up running late, so as I was waiting for them I decided to talk a little stroll in the mall. Not looking to buy anything just to really past time.

School has started and I at the moment am just like every other college student who lives alone, just really trying to survive on a tight budget. And with just my "luck" I came across this Polo, why does Ralph always do these things to be? Driving my pocket deeper and deeper into depression. With my obsession with patterns especially floral I just couldn't manage to turn to look away. *Sigh* such is life.


  1. Wow this is beautiful shirt. I would've done the same exact thing!! Cant't wait to see how you style it :)


  2. I said I was sorry :(, if it havent been for our tardiness you wouldnt have seen that beautiful shirt :P

  3. perfect for the weather! :)


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