Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Postur : Down Vest

Down Vest - Thrifted
Fisherman Pullover - American Apparel
Jeans ( Regular 100 ) - American Apparel
Leather Lace Ups
Socks - Socks, Socks,Socks
The time has come to start fighting back against the minor chills of fall, in times like these you need something not to heavy nor do you want something too light. A Down Vest is one piece of outwear I would highly recommend incorporating into your fall wardrobe. This is not the first time I've shared this piece check out my previous post, Rugby.
Hey Spencer what is "Down"?  Down is pretty much the content in the vest that is used to keep you insulated. Look at it this way it's some what of have a stuffed animal or pillow around with you all day. I was drawn towards this vest for two main reasons A) the color was very toned down and subtle and B) the fitting and how it somewhat constricts to your shape on the sides not making me look extremely puffy all over. At first I was skeptical about the purchasing a down vest all together saying to myself " Uhhhhhh what about my arms". The Down Vest goes great with any form of crew neck sweater whether it be a cable knit or just a basic cotton contructed crew.


  1. Excellent post dude, the mix of patterns and colors is really unique.

  2. I need to add one to my collection.

  3. Love the mix of neutrals and pops of color! I want those socks!

  4. This is a really cool fall look! awesome

  5. I really love your style.. and you ALWAYS have the best socks. :)

  6. Those are excellent socks!

  7. I'm loving this vest + pullover combo! And really lovinggg the socks!


  8. amazing style :) love the vest, the pullover and your bracelets and adore the sock :))


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