Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Against Nudity Giveaway #1

Jacket - Club Monaco
Button Up - A.A
Chinos - Tommy Hilfiger
Boots - Hawkings & Mc Gill 
The great outdoors as of late has really been looking like fall the vibrancy of colors and textures are just astonishing just walking to school. I just felt as if I had to par take in such use of color just can't let nature go at it alone. So that being said I had to whip out these chinos I picked up awhile back at Tommy Hilfiger pairing it with the truffle button up just seemed oh so right.
I paired up with the great folks over at Against Nudity to bring you guys another great giveaway. However this give away will work a tad bit different it will be carried on in a 3 part series. Meaning I will be giving away  3 of the same item however in different variation of color on a bi weekly basis.

What I will be giving away is this genuine leather small impact satchel. It's size is extremely convenient I really cant stress that enough. It really is one of those bags where you really can just pick up and go not having to be cautious about bulkiness or wearing you down. It is 100% leather so with that being said this bag only can get better with age so there really is no down side to owning one.
1)  Like ProprPostur Facebook Page as well as Against Nudity Facebook Page
2) And than simply tweet  " I have entered the @Proprpostur and @AgainstNudity giveaway http://tiny.cc/omypk "

Just as easy as that.

Giveaway Closes Nov. 9th

Remember this is a 3 part series so there are great chances of winning in the weeks to come.


  1. I love your style! So fresh and chic!

  2. Hi, from Ottawa!
    Against Nudity sent me here.
    I see your pics were taken at Ottawa U?

    Only someone from OT would notice that ;)

  3. Bonjour ;)

    merci à vous ;) thank you ;)
    - done on fb : iwona szpak
    - done on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/iwona46/status/134016721571954688


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