Friday, November 25, 2011

A Readers Gift

Blazer - Thrifted
Cardigan - H&M
Pocket Square - 
Button Up - Ralph Lauren
Plaid Trousers - J. Press
Shoes - Mark Mcnairy X Keds

Everything is pretty swell on my end, between trying to keep up with school and blogging I rarely find time to  sit and breathe. But *meh* that's just how the game goes right? "You see it act like you want it"- Jay Z. I recently put on a fashion show alone with my fellow classmates, the turn out was better than I expected to be it was an interesting experience and learned a few tricks of the trade. I'll hopefully get my hands on some footage and share with you all.
I always appreciate the love and kind words I recieve from my readers, sharing my interests with others and even inspiring others in their own fields and ambitions is extremely rewarding.
Just the other day I received a very beautiful gift from Natasha who rides out in Nashville and has been following my blog for a good amount of time now. This pocket square is what she had given to me, what makes this gift such a heart warming sentiment is the heritage behind it.
Before leaving Ghana Natasha's aunt had given her Kente cloth to take with her. Kente cloth originates from Ghana. Kente is looked upon as a sacred cloth and is tended to be worn at times of celebration / importance. Kente can always be identified due to its fascinating multicolored patterns, mixture of geometric shapes, and eccentric designs.

For Natasha to share such a piece of her own personal history with me is extremely beautiful but not only that it is a symbol of personal encouragement for whatever it is I do and will always keep it close to me.

Check out Natasha's Blog HERE


  1. aww...that was a heartfelt post.Natasha will be happy....can wait to see you show.

  2. that's freaking amazing

  3. When I saw the pocket square untagged, I said "What? That's, like, the best part." Little did I know such sentiment would be attached to it. What a precious gift.

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  5. I absolutely love your style. Just love.
    I was an instant fan.

  6. I get what you're saying about finding inspiration. Tumblr is pointless to me yet I find myself inspired from so many ppl pages. Cool Keds!

  7. You smiling >>>>

    LOVE it!!

    Very awesome, love the pocket square + story. Lovely :)


  8. Thanks for your nice comment.
    I really like your blog.
    This outfit is absolutely perfect. Everything is so nice.
    I follow !

  9. thnx for visiting my blog!
    I love yours, wonderful combinations,lots of colors.

    I will def follow u, and it would be great to see u in my list of followers!



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