Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Attention To Detail : Herringbone

Messenger Hat
Button Up - DKNY
Leather Waist Coat - Thrifted
Blazer - N/A
Plaid Pants - Against Nudity
Desert Boot - Clarks
It is all over it is finally over, well finals that is. So to really explain lack of posts well...there you have it. But never mind all that I'm back and trying to get the flow back into what I love to share. Speaking of sharing I 'm currently working on my next upcoming series "Whats His Is Hers", yet again just another chapter in all of my visions.
When talking about classic F/W detailing,textures, and patterns Herringbone is right up there in top tier without a doubt.  With such simplicity but at the same time well structured and finished Herringbone truly is winter wool staple that every man should own.

The Herringbone detailing is defined as " An arrangement or design consisting of column of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column sloping the other resulting in resembling bones of a fish, tends to be used in the weave of cloth or placing of bricks."

The great folks at Against Nudity sent me these great pair of plaid trousers. This plaid pattern is minimal and classic, great for pairing them with a solid garment on your upper half. Not only was the detailing of the plaid appealing but also the pocket and button detailing  caught my eye. Really can't take yourself too serious all the time right? The buttons and pocket detailing is a great way to flare out a little bit of character and personality. However, would I wear them to an extremely formal event? Possibly not.


  1. never heard of the brand Against Nudity but i really like those pants

  2. those socks go hard brah

  3. Love the scarf! I liked the bit on herringbone too. Nice :)



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