Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peaks & Valley's

  • Remember Tavi? Well she's still continuing her fair share of impact in the fashion community now at the age of 15 she has started her own web magazine.“They were talking about how inappropriate it was for someone of my age to go to Fashion Week, she remembers, but this was coming from an industry that fetishes youth” – Tavi Gevinson.HERE
  • The weather here in Montreal is starting to look up, we even got unto 5 degrees. How long will it last ? No one knows but I hope I didn't just jinx it -_-.
  • Pretty much anything can really go viral on the internet now a days. Example
  • Jake Davis has done it again feat. Menswear designer Eunice Lee owner of UnisNewYork his visual work as always is top notch. Here
  • Not really fashion related but a friend of mine shared one of the greatest Youtube Channel's known to man. Gentleman's Rant
  • Thank You Palladium Boots for this spread.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who realizes how precious time really is. When stuff doesn't get done or is held off for no legitimate reason is extremely annoying.
  • After hearing this I'm convinced no one really listens to lyrics anymore. HERE
  • "If you suddenly find yourself panicking that your life isn't going anywhere, write a list of all the things you're currently doing, and all the things you want to be doing. The difference between successful people and not successful people is that successful people set themselves goals, then exert all their energy figuring out how to achieve them. Not successful people focus on the negatives, then exert all their energy worrying about everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong or probably will go wrong. We create our own realities – positive thinking is powerful, as is the opposite. Be positive!" - Isaac


  1. i think your valleys are still pretty peaky hahah

  2. TOUGH AS HELL! From your outfit to the words, I love it all. (And I don't think people listen to lyrics anymore either, that song is absolutely repulsive).

    Much Love!
    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  3. I really like this post and that sweater.


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