Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Peaks & Valley's : The Warm Up

  • I met a friend for the first time this past weekend ( well we've met before but never really had a chance to have a sit down and she's a frequent reader of my blog ), and both agreed my photos don't do me much justice. "I know I know I look better in real life" - Kanye West
  • These past few weeks have really proved to me that hard work and persistence really does pay off, its no longer one of those corny little lines you say to appear rich with knowledge. At this moment and time my productivity level is at it's highest point it has been in a long while. And to tell you the truth it feels amazing. #JUSTDOIT
  • For the first time I took a photo with a webcam, friends think I take myself too serious sometimes. Here
  • There is a reason why somethings feel right and others don't. Pay attention to those feelings, for they will tell you who you are. There are so many things I do or think that others look at me and think I'm completely crazy to do but, to me they feel necessary. It is just that feeling that tells me "this is right, and it makes sense" even though it may appear as a complete blob to some, my vision brings it to life. I guess it's easier to call other's crazy instead of indulging and questioning to look a little deeper.
  • I'm now at the stage in my life I HATE sleeping.
  • These guys are cool
  • "The universe will conspire"


  • Everyone is consuming, but not contributing. (I shall expand more on this later this is somewhat of a side not if you will. )
  • Every time I see a photo of someone smoking a bunt, flossing money, or flipping the bird. I lose all interest and just get turned off, yeah I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But c'mon I find those photos tasteless, tacky, and honestly a bit rude. Carry yourself with grace people.
  • A lot of times I try to avoid the friends with the "hook ups" you know the ones " Hey Spencer I got this friend who knows so and so, it's goings to be perfect don't worry man I got you" Yeah no, those situations always turn out messy and conflicted. Always be more personal and deal with the scenario dead on you'll get through it quick fast and don't hide behind emails all the time.
  • Oh Twitter, it's such a love hate relationship. I follow a few close friends on twitter here and there I try to avoid doing so as much as possible. Reason being is that individuals will carry the same nonsense they have on FB or any other social networking platform and bring it to twitter. I really don't need to read your ignorance all day. Why treat every social networking platform the same? What's the point? I really see no purpose in that what so ever. If I unfollow just try not to take offence just understand I follow a lot of individuals I look up to and when your are tweeting nonsense I tend to miss something that can help or enlighten me from someone else. And we are all human I may have my moments from time to time but when you carry it on, on a daily basis and not providing anything stimulating. You really become an annoyance. It's 2012 everyone and their mother has a twitter, so keep this in mind : Never tweet your way out of an opportunity you never know who might be watching. - M.T.

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  1. Wow, I'm a recent follower, but I don't know how I missed it. I didn't know this was a recurring theme to your blog. I love this aspect.


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