Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Needs & Wants : Gram 380g Washed Navy Linen

 We all have that one item we always see whenever we walk into our favourite boutique, and every time you see it it's as if nothing else in the world at that very moment matters. Everything is slow mo, you block out all voices around you, your eyes begin to glisten in the light, the whole shabang. This is product is so dear to me I got to give it it's own spot for this edition of Needs & Wants.
This beautiful creature of a shoe is brought to you by the Gram, The name of the model is the Washed Navy Linen. What first caught my eye about this shoe was most definitely the pop of blue ( and we all know of my current craze with Blue ). Not only is the blue extremely rich but the washed linen texture gives it a touch of character and rugged appeal.

Gram  managed to embody a classic derby shoe construction and matched it with a sneaker like, lightweight, dura-lite outsole and rubber heel for upscale comfort. Gram has a wide variety of amazing pieces of footwear. These bad boys will surely be my next  pick up. If you are living in the Montreal area you will be able to pick these beauties up at the Alibi Boutique (506 Rachel E.)

P.S i had a female friend try these on and they look 200x better on females, believe me ladies. Women in menswear make our hearts flutter.


  1. So cool! I'd totally wear these!! :-)


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