Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What are labels, insults, racial slurs, etc ?

What do they do for you?

Do they make you feel at ease when you throw them at others? Make you better? Stronger? Wiser?

What would life be like if everyone in the world walked around with every label, insult, racial slur, etc. on their body. Would it be easier to show others who you are? If not, then why do we use them? I mean it’s like everyone is ( including myself ) has labelled somebody in one way or another. Whether you say it aloud or mentally, we are all guilty. With labels come stereotypes such as “Niggers” love chicken …. Or “Fags” wear tight pants. LAME!! really though? So basically it seems like people are always going to have their own minds made up about you, off of what they have labelled you as. And it’s pathetic and weak in my eyes especially for personally due to the fact I’m into fashion “but fashion is for fags” right? I try not to labels others as much as possible, but I am only human. Hopefully everybody will be able to be themselves and be respected all the same. Individuality is something that is very important to me and I strongly believe in. I will never switch my ways due to others thoughts on me. I LOVE ME

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  1. TRUTH
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  2. Nice delivery !
    I suppose human beings need labels to 'help' them navigate through things they don't really understand. Alot of people don't have the time, some are just too lazy to find out about things they don't know. but most people rely on labels and stereotypes to move the 'process' along. it is convenient. it is an easier route and a familiar one at that. unfortunately, the ignorance and miscalculations of the many will be used to judge a few. it doesn't matter what label the world gives you or where they even try to confine you based on those very labels...what matters is how you use it. Use the insults to power your dreams. All that matters is how you see yourself, if you identify as such , it will BECOME you.

    I am not a Nigga, or a bitch or any other convenient label thrown at me. If you don't accept or embrace any of it , it won't consume you. None of that use the word as empowerment rubbish neither. instead of redefining the labels to 'dilute' their meeting to suit your, Create your own words altogether. In a world where people are conditioned into just 'siting back and taking it', you can't BECOME the very thing they say you are...or else 'they' win

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  5. This is AMAZING!
    i've neva seen anything like this.
    Its a very powerful and positive message...i love it lol*

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