Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nightly Tweed

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Tweed will always be essential in my wardrobe no matter what the season may be. It will obviously be more commonly worn in the fall/winter but there are also great ways to work them into the spring/summer. Tweed is capable of giving you that turned down vintage look but still remain very much Presentable, classy, and well put together

Tweed is an unfinished wool fabric, of a soft, open flexible texture that takes a resemblance favoring cheviot or homespun. Heather mixtures and Green Harris effects are what really gives the tweed blazer the unfinished look. This is achieved by twisting together to different colored woollen strands into a two – three ply yarn. I find it a tad difficult to find authentic durable tweed blazers/jackets throughout your everyday shopping mall or department store. I say your best bet to find a tweed jacket that will hold up and last you for a good while would certainly be in a thrift shop or any vintage boutiques.

I find that just like electronics a lot of garments just aren't built to last very long anymore. and the last thing I would want to do is spend $200 - $350 on something that will not last me at least 2 cycles (1 cycle = 4seasons). Thrift shops are a place where you can find great items that you know will most likely that will last you for the fact that the make of the garment was much more sophisticated. I will also posting up a guide to thrift shopping in my upcoming posts. Despite the fact that tweed was originally used for hunting, fishing, and other lively outdoor activities. Tweed will always find a way to make its way back into the sense of style/fashion.

A great piece of footwear. The Desert Boot Clarks are an amazing form fitting, comfortable and foot friendly shoe really set the bar for many shoe designs. Clark Shoes, always kept their eyes out for the future, they would practice technological research that led them to discover polyurethane as a soiling material. It is lightweight and indestructible. Clark shoes will always be a classy, durable, respectable, and one of a kind shoe.
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  1. I love the whole outfit! That scarf is too die for, so stylish :). Happy New Year too !!

    Mlle Trendy

  2. Thanks for your comment, Happy New Year!

    vogue & Vintage

  3. i have no idea how you found my blog, but i'm positively delighted that i found yours. i am in love with your style. you're incredibly chic and sophisticated. you make me think of dapper men running through the streets of NY :)

  4. Thanks so much for commenting, Happy New Year!

    I have to say, your blog is fantastic & I love your sense of style. Very dapper, chic, & sophisticated. Can't get over that tweed jacket; it's great.

  5. happy new year... this a great look... bracelets hot...

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments !
    I love your style :)
    Happy new year!

  7. You look amazing love! I really like your scarf and your blazer is beyond words. OOhh my goodness clarks are classics and I love that yu paired them with your socks. I love your thrifting guide thrift shops are so underrated.


  8. Ok, I guess you got a new follower!! You have a wonderful sense of personal style!!! I am amazed, you are very classy!!!

    (Thx for responding my thread on LB! Maybe I will never find your blog without that!)


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