Saturday, January 1, 2011


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Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night but in a safe and healthy manner. Its a new year, so lets kick things off with something a bit different from what I Usually do. Recently I met up with teo friends of mine who are currently working on a project called Polar Tog. I did a little short video, ( my first video I have ever really made lol ) so please show your mercy.

"It’s really not about just clothing or fashion, it’s more like a movement, a way to standout and to express ourselves in this globe where billions of others’ live." It’s about two minds reuniting their knowledge towards doing something positive, something that’s been done, but with a twist of Canadian culture and pure patriotism to ours roots and our beliefs. 

You could be a single person or even have a posse in this world, but no matter where you’re heading you’ll always be labeled to something. That being said, being labeled to something comes with great responsibilities…

 Meaning everywhere you go, you should be heading towards that direction in a mindset where you acknowledge the fact that you’re playing the role of an ambassador for your labels, and you never want to fail the mission of standing out and playing that role the best way possible. Polar Tog will take Canadian couture to an extend where the whole world will respect its roots, recognized it as one of the top names in the fashion and clothing industries for the next few decades, till perfection takes place obviously…

All we have at moment is a dollar and a dream; it may not sound like much but as I recall most successors in this world we live in all started in a similar state we’re in. [David] “Growing up my mom always encouraged me to draw on everything I could possibly draw on, by everything I mean completely everything I could possibly trace a thought on, including the walls. That thought was completely organic to me, as strange as it may sound coming from a mother, but growing up made me realized how essential that stage of my life was. Now I’m able to express myself in a variety of ways, and I feel like the clothing business is the most 
spontaneous way to do so.” 

This dream will take most of our commitment, but my comrade and I share a mutual thought where we both agree on, which is “if at age 50 we’re not wearing Rolex watches on our wrist, we failed to succeed in life…” The goal is at the end of the day, saying people wearing our label and feeling the comfort in doing so. We’re 90’s babies, and we’re definitely bringing the ‘retrosuperfuture’ steez to the surface on earth! 

Happy new year  & respect your resolutions please!

Sincerely yours,

David N. & Kendji P. – Polar Tog


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