Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrifting Guide

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A great number of people dislike thrift stores, for a number of reasons. Often people feel they are “above” thrift stores, that thrift stores carry nothing but junk, or that thrift stores are dark, dirty, and depressing. While there certainly are some pretty dismal thrift stores out there, most are fairly clean and well-organized stores that weed out the broken, filthy, and otherwise unusable before putting stock on the sales floor. And the customers come from all walks of life, from street-walking transvestites to trendy college kids to retired heiresses.
I took some time out and decided to create my own little guide to thrift shopping as well my outfit features pieces that I have found at thrift stores besides the socks enjoy.

Know surrounding areas: I've noticed that thrift stores get placed. In areas of high traffic or cluster busy areas. So get to know your areas and where there maybe other thrift stores surrounding you.

Select a day: To get a great outcome from thrifting and find great pieces, you must take your time. Thrifting isn't really something you can do on a 30 minute break on a hectic schedule. To find great pieces you it takes a lot of time and effort. And even then you might not find anything you may like.

Be open minded:  One of the fun things about thrifting is that you will see things that lend themselves to uses quite different from their original intended functions. For example, a waste-basket can hold poster tubes, a suitcase can act as a coffee table, a record crate can be turned sideways to organize binder’s, books, files, etc. Keep your eyes as well as your mind open for objects the might fill a need in an unusual and interesting way. But at the same time do not get carried away with your purchases just due to the fact it’s at a low price. I myself must admit I have made a lot of purchases that i look at today and say to myself " what on earth was I thinking" and they just end up sitting there collecting dust.

Be aware of sales/specialsThe subtitle speaks for itself; I have entered thrift stores completely oblivious to why it would be so packed, busy, and hectic as usual. And little did I know I was in middle of a 50% sale, and for those who have ever been to a 50% sale at a thrift store. Know they are pretty hectic, so prepare yourself and get there as early as possible to avoid the rush.

Know what it is that you want: Thrift stores aren't only great for unique  and vintage clothing pieces, but as well you can have great household accessories. Such as kitchen ware, books, office supplies, etc. Furniture is also something that they carry. But of course while purchasing these items be sure that they are attractive, what you need, and it’s in good quality. Take a good time out to scan and analyze before you make a purchase. You don't want to purchase something you may end up regretting or returning.

Prepare for a miss:  Thrift shopping is really a hit or miss adventure.  At your average store you can walk in knowing you will most likely find what it is that you want/need. Thrifting is great because you can find pieces that would not be carried anywhere else. Giving you that great unique style and look. However, with this you may not find anything at all, that’s where being creative and open minded can really kick in and save the day. To hopefully help you explore and give that piece that you don't think you would ever wear. A chance and try it out and possibly purchase it.


  1. Great look! Awesome colors!
    I love thrift store! You can find there such an amazing stuffs!

  2. thrift stores are awesome, thanks for the post!

  3. 1. i love the outfit. you style is impeccable.
    2. these tips are great. i love thrifting but i don't always have the time. i'm gonna try to make it a bigger priority next semester.

  4. Great guide for thrifting!

    I used to be a non-believer in thrifting because I was scared of it being dirty. BUT, I did give it a try and now I own several thrifted items, that are unique and match my personality.

    Thanks for the comment and feel free to follow me as well :)

  5. loving your use of color here!!!

    this is a great guide. i recently moved from atlanta and have not been thrifting since the move :( i need to get back into it, first by finding the stores i am most comfortable with...

    btw: yes my watch is michael kors ;)

  6. This guide is incredible! I do a lot of thrifting myself and have come to regard it as a sort of therapy. But, like you said, there are still so many people who sneer at it or so many different reasons.
    The way I look at it is, less cool stuff for them, more for me!

    Great post!
    Btw, you are the best at accessorizing. I dig those beads.


  7. Happy new year :)
    In late sorry


  8. Love the outfit, your socks and shoes are hot!. Thanks for the comment

    I am following you follow back?

  9. I am so glad you posted this! I am a huge fan of thrift stores and I find them so precious and fun!

  10. PS-I love love love everything about your outfit here :)

  11. This outfit is so fierce! I love it!

    VPV Intern

  12. Love the belt, socks, & shoes...what a cool outfit! Thrift shopping truly is an adventure. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving such a kind compliment:)

  13. totally agree with everything you said!!

  14. Thanks so much, really glad I found your blog. I really love this thrifting guide, well done. I'm retweeting :)

  15. So many good tips- great post! :)

  16. good blog i like ur style and the way u mix each pieces.kiss

  17. ´heeyyy...found u throug the fashion keeper´s amazed...u have such a fab your jewelery and your outfits...can stop browsing trough your blog...oo...and...good tips on this post;)


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