Monday, March 7, 2011

Fairhaven Boot Sebago

Just when I thought the weather was lightening up, and spring was starting to peep through a tad bit. We got pounded by large amount of snowfall. Personally, I must say Fall/Winter is my favourite seasons style wise. Reason being is that you can do so much more with layering and proportions. I’m not much of a fan of the summer heat. The sweat, humid air, and the sticky feeling really does not sit well with me. However at the rate winter is going out here in Montreal (my first winter in this city), I am really thinking about reconsidering my feelings towards summer just this once.


Beret - H&M
Glasses - AA
Scarf - Zara
Tough Leather Coat - Vintage
Button Down - Tommy Hilfiger
Slim Slacks - AA

Boots - Sebago

When looking for classy and timeless boot footwear it just might be a tad difficult at times. Trying to avoid not looking to uptight or corny. There are a few great choices that are a good start to try and suit to your personal style and not your fathers.

Sebago has always for many years produced great quality footwear, mostly known and familiar by their deck shoe designs. “Sebago represents authentic product and timeless design”. Looking at the Billy Kirk Edition, Sebago has stayed true to their original deck design and added a twist of two storied leather. And of course the gold laces are a tradition and timeless mark from Sebago. These shoes bring high levels of durability, comfort and as well as design to the table. Sebago is really one of those companies along with Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Clarks. Who have really been tried, tested, and true to their designs, which really makes them such classics.


  1. Ello!

    I am interning for and I saw your photo on there... I LOVE your style! Those burgundy pants you rocked are AMAZING. You look great here as well, I love that button-up.



  2. hi! i just saw your look on, and it's AMAZING!! (: i love the maroon pants. and this outfit is awesome, too! cool shirt and boots (: i'm following your blog now!

  3. haha, third comment in a row- also saw your submission on stylebyme- excellent, so excited to see a submission from another city in our local lookbook!

    love your color scheme here- you are looking amazing. definitely following you now.


  4. love your style!

  5. I LOVE THE BLOG & OUTFIT :!) chek out my BLOG
    and if you like follow me and i will follow you .

  6. awesome blog. love how you incorporate accessories and tons of color. and of course all those oxfords. love it!!!! And we've totally got the red leather his and hers vintage coat thing going on!

  7. LOVE a well dressed man!
    + yes fall/winter is more fun style-wise.

    J x


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