Thursday, March 10, 2011

Share your thoughts ( Style Vs. Fashion )


Tweed blazer - Thrifted
Cardigan - Vintage
Crew neck - Thrifted
Slim Slacks - AA
Leather Loafers - Thrifted 

There are many things in life that we can all agree on that you technically really can't be taught. Such as having passion,emotion,making companions, and many other things that come with just living life. 

There are many things in life that we can all agree on that you technically really can't be taught. Such as having passion,emotion,making companions, and many other things that come with just living life. 

Another thing you can't be taught is how to have your own personal sense and feel of style. A lot of times individuals may get lost in what is the difference between fashion and style. Many times I have conversations with friends about style vs. fashion and frequent questions that rise are. What is fashion? what is style? what came first? can you have one without the other?

I am not in anyway in the position to try and dictate what is right and what is wrong and try and get everyone to follow my lead. But, what I can do is share my own personal opinion on this matter and hopefully all my followers and whom ever comes across my blog can share their's as well. This should be more of a community more than anything. 

Personally, I am a lover of personal style whether its punk, medal, skater, rock, timeless etc. Whatever it may be I think every style has its own story and structure behind it. Style is being able to get any garment and wear it in your own way. For example, if i wear to give a prep influenced person and a metal style influenced person the same garment. They would both find a way to wear it in their own way to fit their style and be able to be comfortable.

Fashion on the other hand I feel tries to dictate to the world who they are and what they should be wearing. Whether its a specific designer, color, or just due to the season. And many at times fall into this, and end up spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars on garments just because it is what is currently hot at the time. But when the next season or year comes around they will be on to the next and the previous set of garments they purchased would end up forgotten there is no longevity in that. But some people are into that I guess.

Style however allows you to wear whatever you are wearing from when you are 20 to 95. Everyone's style somewhat defines who they are to a certain extent. 
Being comfortable and confident in what you wear is also an element of style. Imitating what you may see over the internet and television just might not work for you ( we've all been there ). Due to the fact that it's way out of your comfort zone. At time your comfort level can be written all over your face. 

Developing and constructing your style takes years. I myself am still developing myself as well I don't consider myself better than the next person.

But always try and keep in mind who you are, and what you want to portray and eventually we will all get there.


  1. loving the look!
    if you can wear your Clubmasters when its snowing, i think i cant wear mine in cold and windy UK..LOOL

    i totally agree with your opinons on style and fashion.

  2. As Yves Saint-Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” and I agree with what he says. Style is what represents a person, fashion is what people are involved in.


  3. Fashion is fickle, Style plays no games.

    Fashion restrains, Style liberates.

    Fashion is learned, Style is instinct.

  4. One of my favorite outfits on you so far. Makes me wish it was still snowy and cold here in Arkansas.

  5. i'm soo glad you went out of your way to shed light on this. you hit all the nails on the head spencer. fashion is now,style is forever. Alot of people don't take the time to explore what makes them unique or stand out. They end up looking like everyone else. I mean it works for them but at the end of the day don't you wanna be you? wear your own to suite your own self? i've had a very androgynous style and i love that people know me for that. when you think of me 10 years from now,you would definitely remember me as that girl.

  6. i totally agree. it's so cool how everyone has a naturally different instinct about their personal style. it's beautiful!! speaking of beautiful... your sweater. your glasses. your shoes. (:

  7. As usual, love the outfit. You have the be one of the best-dressed males I've ever come across :)

    To me, there's a definite difference between fashion and style. In simple terms, fashion is what people are wearing and what is being made to wear. Style on the other hand, is how people wear the clothes that they buy/find/are given. Everyone has their own distinct sense of style and there are some people who have no sense at all, they just hope to be covered adequately.

  8. love the gritty texture

  9. Love the tweed blazer!

  10. grey tweed makes me melt. this is a slick look.

  11. looking freshhh
    love the clubmasters + oxfords!

  12. you have crazy style, and i mean that in a good way. in browsing your posts, i love how all of your outfits come together. regarding fashion & syle, i think you've said it well. i've never been big on fashion, but can appreciate style even when it is completely different from mine.


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