Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Attention To Detail : Bracelets & Rings

Its been awhile since I have met someone who's style really intrigues and inspires me. Until I met a fellow co worker Vanessa. I really had to get a shoot with her for my blog to share with all my readers she's truly a beautiful person. From here on out her face will be a lot more familiar in my blog.
Dress - BCBG
Shorts - American Apparel
Shoes - Thrifted

"Accessories are decorative items that supplement and compliment clothes" A lot of men tend to try and stay away from jewelery (accessories) due to the fact that it may seem a tad "suspicious". Unless if it's something like a Rolex, or a ridiculous sized pendents and rings. It really shouldn't be this way, as most of you know I encourage those to wear what ever they feel fits their story/style. 
Button Down - Nevada
 Shorts - Tommy Hilfiger
Wing tips - Thrifted

Over time I have collected a wide collection of accessories from hats, rings, necklaces, socks, and ties. When accessories are brought into play, your outfit can be much livelier if done correctly. Keep in mind accessories can also tarnish your look. My accessories have really developed to be more than just some sort of trend. They have just really grown on me, I feel naked without them. Ive been through so many different bracelets due to a few of them snapping here and there but I really don't see myself letting go of them anytime soon.
Using accessories properly can be extremely effective. You can have the same outfit on 3 separate occasions however, if you tinker around with your accessories properly and accordingly. Your look may have 3 different feels to them. Instead of shopping and thinking "I would like to purchase a black pair of sneakers I think it will go best with all of your tops". Think "let me get this top because it will go great with all my accessories".

Accessories can also have a symbolic meaning followed behind it. For example my Ankh ring means a whole lot to my being.   This is an Egyptian symbol, that represents life and immortality. However like many religious or spiritual symbols Ankh does not have a single straight forward meaning.

I did a bit of research on rings and actually came across some interesting information on the significance of wearing rings in the Roman Era.

THUMB—according to the literature of ancient Roman, wearing a ring on thumb could propel your will, and step to success.

FOREFINGER—the finger for direction, wearing a ring on Forefinger, your personality will turn to be open and independent, which is the most suitable for professionals.

MIDDLE FINGER—inferior to the third finger, the middle finger is most suitable for wedding ring .wearing on this finger could make free and chipper atmosphere, will make you inspired, charming and more opposite sex luck.

THIRD FINGER—from the ancient Roman era, people used to wear wedding ring on the third finger. It is said that the finger is joined with heart and is most suitable for delivering sacred vow. For third finger with many important acupuncture points, wearing a ring on it will press muscle moderately and is helpful for stable emotion.

LITTLE FINGER—which is conveying charming and sexy message. unexpected thing will happen with a ring on the little finger. It is highly recommended to the sensitive people or someone who engaging in fashion or related field.
Wearing a ring is love’s message.


  1. wow! these shots are amaze! love both outfits

    yurp detail is sooo important..


  2. I love all of the accessories you guys have on! loved reading about the meaning of the ring fingers and I love the braided bracelets guys it show a big of style.

    your co worker has wonderful style and she should definitely blog herself. she is gorgeous! love her dress

    Vi from Cali

  3. Loooove her tattoo !! and the confidence that she conveys through her style, can't wait to see more of her looks ! :)...Amazing shots all around !!

  4. oh gooosh I'm so glad someone finally blogged about this! I also think men wear way to little jewelry.. fashion/style is not only bout the clothes and its true that "accessories compliment clothes.."

    anyway.. you both look great!! :)


  5. showing off those legs huh? lol great shots plus i want all those rings you have on. love your shirt!

  6. i love man jewelry you look so fly i love how you style your clothes and i love the girls look wow her top and tattoos are so amazing!


  7. I agree. Men shouldn't feel they can't wear jewelry because they think it's suspicious. But it is what it is.

    I love this post and the photos are amazing!

    Much love.

  8. I love both your outfits, you look amazing. You'd like to follow each other?

    Sofie from Denmark
    // www.sofiescloset.blogspot.com

  9. These are amazing shots. The two of you look awesome - For me, it's all about accessories - the chunkier the bracelet the better! Very true about men, though - I can't get my boyfriend to wear jewelry ever! But you're right, it's a matter of personal style and meaning.

    Thanks so much for visiting us, looking forward to future posts!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  10. What an insightfull post doll. You both look beautiful and I love your friends shoes. The fact that they were thrifted makes them even better. Thanks for stopping by my page love that definitely was a great way to start my day.
    I hope all is well.


  11. Amazing post. Lovely pictures and stunning outfits. You're gorgeous. Lovely blog, following. Thanks for your comment. xx

  12. I am so in love with this. She is so stunning and you both look magnificent.

    Thanks for the sweet comment! Your sunglasses are just as hip. :P

  13. Beautiful bracelets :D and pictures ;)

  14. WOW WOW Amazing SHOTS!
    Looking forward to seeing more of Vanessa - indeed her image is very strong and intriguing.
    The tidbit about rings - great read.
    And you hit the nail on the head - accessories are very vital - without a fistfuls of rings I feel stripped bare.

    Jen xx

  15. I LOVE both of your outfits ! love the mixture of colour and fabrics.. damn you got style!

    PS: can you please send some of that sun to Iceland pretty please

  16. You two look great together, loving the accessorising...x


  17. I truly believe, This is an Inspiration. Great shot

  18. loving the rings and details!! Such nice pictures and your freind has amazzing skin :) im following yaaa!


  19. i love the pictures.this 2 outfits is beautiful .

  20. I was just commenting on another post of how much I love your jewelry! Hers is grand as well! Love that dress + the nail color. Fierce!



  21. WELL these photos are fantastic.Good Keep it up the good work and also keep posting.

  22. True the adds a special beauty to this collection of special memories.and The charms have special meaning to the person wearing..Thank you very much for sharing.

  23. Up to me this man's style is completely lack of taste!!!
    How could you combine all this together!?


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