Saturday, July 2, 2011

Attention To Detail : Frills & Tassels

First and foremost I must apologize for I have been slacking with my updates. I promised myself this summer I will be a much better blogger and push harder with my updates. But when life really starts tugging away at you, you have to deal and roll with what comes with it.
Blazer - Thrifted
Button Up - Ralph Lauren
Shorts - Thrfted
Loafers - Thrifted

When it comes to footwear there is pretty much a very wide selection of styles you can choose from for any occasion / event. Not many men from who I have come across tend to steer away from slip on's. Why? I have no clue. During the summer season slip on's would probably be my first choice above anything else. The amount of comfort I get from them keep me coming back and ditching the lace ups from time to time. There is nothing better than waking up getting dressed for the day than being able to slip your feet (Literally) into a pair of shoes and be on your way.

With footwear I'm always pulled by the detailing that has been put into the piece. It can be as simple as a color way or stitching of a sneaker to craftsman ship of a wingtip lace up.

Tassels & Frills are a great example for attractive detailing put into a shoe. However many may argue on how "profession" and "appropriate" they may and may not be pending on the surroundings. But in my opinion they add a bit of character to a mans wardrobe, it doesn't ever hurt to show you're human from time to time.


  1. dang u r stylish and attractive wow! love tassel shoes i really love the patent version!

    great post

  2. I agree, detail is important in mens shoes, but I have to say your burgundy thrifted blazer is great!

  3. Your forgiven for slacking, seeing as this is such a great outfit.
    Also I wanna raid your jewellery box!

    Jen xx

  4. Hello Lovely,

    great shoot :) your outift....

    Wish you a great sunday!

    with love

  5. I love this style of yours
    look so different :) Great! :)and jewellery!!!Do unique :)

  6. I love the blazer & shorts combo! The loafers are gorgeous too & so on trend here in the UK.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you again soon xoxo

  7. you've got a great blog. love your style!
    new follower


  8. love this amazing !

  9. nice pics ! your outfit is just perfect : the colors, the details, the loafers... i love everything !

  10. you look great! im loving your accessories!

  11. WOW. Attention to detail you give - I adore everything about this and wish this was how more men dressed!
    New follower right here ;)

  12. You have a wonderful blog full of style, inspiration and fabulous pics.
    Thank you so much for your visit and comment.

  13. So amazingly chic! Think I've fallen in love with your blog and am now following :)

  14. i love your style is beautiful it

  15. Seriously LOVE your style!!!! It's so inspiring to find men with style and creativity! I'm following you =)

  16. life def. gets in the way of blogging, you just have to incorporate into your life ^^ great blog and you have amazing style, great to see other Canadian bloggers out there!

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

  17. ahh, you have the coolest style. great post! :)
    what camera do you use by the way?

    and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :D

    Meena xxx

  18. Fabulous fashion sense!!

  19. Great outfit, love how you put it together

  20. wow...incredibly put together!! Love the shoes :) And that blazer-OOOOOOh its stunning haha :) xxxx


  21. wow! this is such a great look!!! :)


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