Sunday, September 11, 2011

ProprHello - Simane

As you all know a few weeks ago I took some time out and headed out to Ottawa to catch up with friends and family. I also got a chance to shoot this new installment of Propr Hello.

We all have that one friend who has such a corky and free spirited personality at all times. He or she can always bring light to any dark situation that you may come across. And here's mine meet Simane, what I find intriguing about Simane is her love for Asian culture, as well she always finds the time to posting new self portraits of herself everyday on Facebook. Till this day she has not yet once used the same facial expression in any of her images lol.

So we took a lil road trip a bit out of town to reach this mellow scenery of great open field, which ended in a pleasant day of photography.



  1. lover he style :) her lil boots and head wrap are so lovely! could totally imagine myself wearing them :)

    Meena ♥

  2. I really like your cinematography

  3. you are amazing. i adore your visions =)

  4. i love your photography :) sounds like you had a lovely time. i'm so excited about the bad habits giveaway :D xxx

  5. beautiful girl masha ALLAH....quruley...
    i love your photography.


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