Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Button Up - Ralph Lauren
Tie - Ralph Lauren
Sweater - Penguin
Pants - A.A
Shoes - Mcnairy X Keds

My lack of posts!?!?! Ye, school has rudely interrupted my summer vacation. Well I must say it was great while it lasted. When school rolls in we all know fall is right around the corner. Fall actually just so happens to be my favorite season. It's not to hot and not too cold, its just right.
With every season there are usually certain staples that accompany them. For fall it tends to be layering, scarves, tweed, herringbone, etc. Color palettes also are thrown into the transition from summer to fall. Summer colors : red, baby blue, yellow are traded in for falls: truffle, navy, brown. But this fall I've decided to incorporate brighter hues that you most likely wouldn't see in many fall outfits.

Detailing is no exception to these turn of events. When choosing bright hues, they necessary do not have to be at big main focus of your outfit. Detailing can be a great substitute to portray these color ways. Without feeling a bit loud and over the top.
These are probably the most satisfying purchase I have made in a long time. Keds and Mark Mcnairy teamed up this fall for the second time. And produced this magnificent piece of work. These shoes offer Keds classical form/silhouette with a upper heavy canvas materials paired with Mcnairy's brick sole. I really can't complain they fit fantastically and have such a simple structure. But yet manage to draw so much attention due to it's sole.


  1. Loving the look and I want all your arm candy!


  2. Preppy in a city grown up way this look is so rad!!! Your shoes are so perfect definitely the coolest Keds I have seen in a long time!

  3. so preppy! love the tie and shoes!

  4. love ur style :))

  5. Love this prep-chic look esp. those mcnairy X always love your style : D

    Sending kisses from Jamaica xxx

  6. Hello I saw your feature on C.Cult Friday your photos are beautiful I'm definitely following. :)

    By the way nice sweater and I'm also loving the tie.

  7. Those shoe are smashing!

  8. your shoes are HOT

  9. I love all the subtle bursts of colour in this outfit, like on the tie, the socks and the soles of the shoes.
    Thanks for visiting for blog and commenting!
    Faye xo

  10. is it me, or we have matching trousers?


  11. I love all the variations of blue! It's so fun transitioning from summer to fall. I look forward to layering while still incorporating summer pieces for as long as the weather will allow me to!


  12. you always manage to have some of the best color palette's ever!

  13. I'm so beyond in love with this post!

    I don't see awesome men's fashion enough.

    The details in this ensemble are so refreshing!

    The tie, the socks, they make me smile and give me fashion life!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

    <3 Vega


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