Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dress For Comfort

Quilted Jacket - Hawkgings & McGill
Corduroy Pant - A.A
Sneakers - Adidas

Ah my utmost favorite time of the year, FINALS!. Can you sense my enthusiasm? Didn't think so, for the next week or so this is the type of attire you will only catch me in. The amount of projects and exams have me running all over the city getting as much done as possible. And wingtips are not necessarily the best piece of footwear for such occasions.

Quilted Jacket, offers durability, versatility, comfort, and structure what else more can you ask for? Every man should own one its pretty much a staple for the fall. The polyester shell mixed with a nylon lining offers a great shield againt weather's chills not only that but it remains lightweight giving the wearer much more comfort and space to maneuver day to day.
Speaking of comfort, man oh man its been literally 3 years since I pulled these out the box. I was once a collector of sneakers (one expensive hobby I'm more than happy I got over). But nonetheless my eyes are still able to identify a great sneaker when I see one. Out of all the sneakers I own I gravitate towards these more than my Jordans or Max Triax 91's. Adidas Gazelles needless to say will always and forever be a classic along with their brother The Shell Top Adidas. These sneakers are bit of a variation of the Gazelle, the Gazelle Skate offers much more comfort and and cushioning for those long treks through out the concrete jungle. And are a perfect fit for these long and gruesome weeks of finals.


  1. this is a fantastic looks..I love the colour combinations

  2. Love this look!
    You paired it so well.

    Good luck with finals!


  3. Oh gosh i remember those days going without food to buy a pair of sneakers, meeting seedy folks in even seedier locales just to score an elusive set of trainers, boy am i glad thats done as well!
    Great pair though


  4. Nice sneakers! I'm trying my best to be more function over fashion.

  5. and i see the Grifindor hahhaa

    Herdiana Surachman

  6. love this, great socks as usual and you rock the addidas'! xxx


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