Monday, December 5, 2011

Needs&Wants : Custom New Balance US574

For a bit of time now I have been keeping my eyes open for picking up a pair of New Balance sneakers, but my particularity has always gotten the best of me. I'm somewhat picky when trying to pick up footwear and even though New Balance makes amazing sneakers I always find myself finding a flaw or sometimes making up a flaw whether its the colorway or minor details to why I should not purchase them ( crazy I know ).

One day I was just browsing through a few blogs here and there mindlessly and I came across something golden. New Balance is offering their customers now a chance to design their own sneaker from their  classic 574 model. I found this on Noah's blog ( which really is worth checking out ). So now I really have no choice but to go crazy and put something together.

(Photos Courtesy of Noah)
Design your own sneaker HERE


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