Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fall Postur : Corduroy

Camo Crewneck - Obey
Down Vest - Thrifted
Button Up - Tommy Hilfiger
Corduroy - A.A
Loafers - Vintage
As my readers know the fall is most definetly my favorite season of the year, but sadly all good things must come to an end. I'm prepping myself not only physically with my attire but mentally as well. The winter season here in Montreal, Canada shows no mercy at all. Its still fall but the temperature is for sure keeping us aware that any day now things are all going to change and before we know it I will be up to my calves in snow and temperatures will drop to the point where school isn't a good enough excuse to leave my apartment.

But for now the chill isn't too bad yet but its getting there. To hold up against such weather what we all need on our side is a great pair or 2 or maybe even 3 of corduroy pants. Cords are probably the most comfortable pieces a man can own next to a cashmere sweater not to mention they are also extremely durable. These just so happen to be my favorite pair that I own mainly for the color, the plum tone really defines fall.
A man with just as much of a passion, love, and understanding of menswear is my good friend Tiago. I paired up with him for this post. Tiago, really sets himself away from most individuals that I know his style is impeccable really. His ability toe mix and match textures, patterns, vibes, colors etc. keeps him one step ahead from the rest. I haven't met many one who carry the passion for menswear as this gentlemen.

Navy Beenie
Oxford button down dress shirt -Vintage
Burgundy sweater navy elbow patch- H&M
Mustard corduroy pants-Bershka
Bow tie -H&M
Crazy socks -Mr bs x Aldo
Hand made shoes-vintage (Portugal)
Duffle coat-H&M

Tiago : By this time of the year the temperature is starting to get cold so instead of only wearing a boring single layer jacket.I like to wear several layers, play with textures & patterns. I'm a fan of mixing the vintage vibe along  with new stuff, it allows you to create something different and unique.What I like about corduroy its not only the fact that its comfortable and warm it has this vintage look & the texture.

Keep up with Tiago and his tips HERE


  1. MY GOD! I love your blog! the outfits are incredible! thanks for visit my blog please follow me :D THANKS

  2. your shoes are hot..and your pictures are always wonderful

  3. both VERY nice + cutest socks ever! :)

  4. These outfits are absolutely perfect. It's very inspiring.
    Nice photos.

  5. Love your blog, it gives me inspiration!

  6. Amazing looks!
    Loving both pairs of socks!


  7. You both pulled the outfit off very well, and nice pictures. I am a new follower of the blog sir.

  8. Corduroy is my favorite for fall! Mad props to ur style and photos. That's what I'm all about too.

    Best wishes,

  9. WEERK!! Loving everything about this look!!! And your friend's color combo is also shutting it down!



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