Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Attention To Detail : Subtle Winters

Blazer - Vintage
Quilted Jacket - Hawkgings & Mcgill
Chinos - Ralph Lauren
Monk Strap - Vintage

First and for most I would like to say Happy New Year to you all. This is the time where a large amount of people spent their time out partying, drinking away, and celebrating the New Year and a "new you". I spent my new years indoors at home alone trying to stimulate myself mentally watching many clips that featured a various amount of inspirational visuals. Was it as fun as party? Some may argue yes and some may argue now. I could only say I would have rather spent that night out on the town, But meh, it's really just any other night right?
In my previous the post "The Blues", I shared my love and hate relation hip with the color blue. Well as you can see I clearly have caught myself again in the blue. Blue, it is just a very versatile color with a great amount of various tones and shades. This pretty much can fall into any season, without looking like a hot mess. Unlike other colors blue has the ability to not only compliment an outfit but also can be used to add a specific contrast or traditional feel but all at the same time still remain subtle and not too aggressive and forward.

Here's another one of my Herringbone pieces, a blazer I managed to pick up at a shop a while back ago. A great substitution in the winter over a jacket , just for those days that aren't exactly too cold but still need to somewhat bundle up. Not to mention I am and will forever be in love with the elbow patches, ye you guys should know me and my love for detailing. It’s all in the details for me.

Photo Cred: FlipSide


  1. Fantastic herringbone blazer!

    Also, gotta love that you're posing right outside my work!

  2. Love how you take pieces that are usually presented as business casual and turn them into your everyday wear.

    I love the pop of blue, especially in that scarf's print. It reminds me of a tie so much.... I want!

  3. the pops of blue really do make the fit interesting and love your layering.

    Happy New Year Spencer!
    J x

  4. i can totally dig the whole fitted cab as winter warmth!


  5. Oooh this was you? I favorited one of these pictures on tumblr lol


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