Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kanye West Tweets , the world stops and reads ( The Seed )

It's 2:10 a.m bare with me please!

The seed, the thought, the idea, the action, and the will. Are of few ingredients need to make what we want happen, and it’s really what we fail to realize. Seeds are planted all around us on a daily basis; the seed is basically the influencer. It can be a quote, a picture, a child’s laughter, anything really pretty much. It just lays around waiting for us to pick up on it and plant it into the soil of our mental. These seeds tend to turn into thoughts if we allow them to but first we must look deeper than just the seed. We must look at what caused the seed, what made that child laugh and why, what made that painter want to paint such a portrait what was he feeling at the time, or how do the lyrics of this song make me feel the way I feel and what is the artists main objective with each slur and utter.

Unless you live under a rock, as I type this Kanye West is currently tweeting away to his hearts content with over 5 million readers reading away their minds and hearts are inflated by inspiration and hope as they frantically wait upon his next few 140 characters to pop up upon their screens. And I can’t help but think about the power of social networking. I thought back to Tyler the Creator and his video Yonkers, Kanye West a few months back had tweeted he felt it was the best music video of 2011 and followed that tweet with a link to the video. Those very minute views for Yonkers blew up and curiosity built as everyone tried to get as much info on this kid and his peers as they could. It was as if a star was born through just the power of a key pad on a cell phone. Crazy uh?

And once again Kanye West tweets and the world stops and read, and this time (in my opinion Kanye West is planting seeds). “What type of seed?”, asked one of my Tumblr followers. The seed to just DO! The seed to push those who need to be pushed, the seed to make believers out of their potential, the seed to have others just have an idea. What we fail to remember is that everything around us buildings, cars, forks, plates, buildings, lighting, everything was stimulated by an idea. An idea that can make the lives of other individuals better by what you create NOT! Just for money and glory. But to better the world we live in and most importantly touch lives.

It’s not only Kanye west tweets that I am taking in at this moment it is the cause and effect of these tweets. With every tweet Favorited or even Retweeted a seed has somewhat been planted. Not necessarily an idea but just a seed for further hopes and inspiration for an idea to prosper from his wording. All of this happening before me is truly beautiful in my opinion, I tend to look into the most insignificant details and value them just as much as I would a sunset.  The beauties in life are what you really have to pay attention to see.  Why should beauty ever be obvious? Always take your time out and analyze the possibilities of everything.
-I’- I've never been good with words.


  1. I actually read the whole article. Very interesting & great point!

  2. I couldn't agree more!! Very well written Spencer

  3. Write on my brother, I'm off to follow Kanye because apparently I've been living under a rock
    (. ;


  4. it's so true, it's tv as well though like celebrities, if noone had found rihanna in barbados what would her life be like? would she be the apple of sooo many people's eyes? the media has so much power and makes people do crazy things. really interesting post spencer :) xxx

  5. Hiya! Your blog is a brilliant men's fashion blog! So glad I found it. Can't wait to see what blog posts you have in 2012. Happy New Year by the way (albeit a few days!)

  6. I've never been particularly interested in following celebrities, since I rarely find interest in sifting through the thoughts they unload on twitter, but I do agree with your take on the seed.

    Kanye's suggestion made its popularity rise. This isn't to say it couldn't have been done without it, but such an elevation in a short period of time speaks volumes.

    Talent does not always beget an audience. Sometimes you need a push from higher up.

  7. I loveeeee kanye he's the best & his tweets are amazing..I really like the picture, the shoes paired with socks is really cool! very nice & well written article...great job!!

  8. I love and totally agree with this! Very well put Mr Spencer :D


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