Sunday, February 12, 2012

Peaks & Valley's : The Realization


  • I will forever admire this man.
  • I've been drawing out a new web layout, however nothing ever looks satisfying on paper.
  • Meeting readers of my blog will always seem awkward and surreal to me at first, especially I'm if it's in a random scenario such as in a restroom or if I'm in a rush on my way to a meeting. I ran into a reader just the other day at an intersection, really cool dude actually. I always say to myself afterwards " damn like people actually read my stuff, why?"
  • I feel the more time an individual spends idolizing another, they lose their sense of self being. What do you think?
  • Fashion week here in Montreal had just come to an end, and I managed to check out a few shows. But by being at these shows and by being surrounded by many individuals who indulge themselves in fashion I have come to some sort of realization. I looked around at everyone and said to myself "do we really need all of this and if so why". Clothing has just become so overwhelming and at time ridiculous in some aspects, to the point where a lot of great designs at times get depreciated and over shadowed by trends. I came home on my last night and looked around my room and realized how much I have consumed over the years of clothing. And compared it to what I really have to show for all of the material wealth. I pretty much have absolutely nothing, so me being the spontaneous person that I am. I just grabbed a bunch of garbage bags and pretty much got rid of the majority of my wardrobe. Something about doing it just felt right, but I really just can not put my finger on it. It was just another one of those gut feelings. I really feel I must focus my energy more on to finding ways to contribute to my surroundings, if all I do is go out and consume what will I have left? 
  • I think I'm the only male on this planet who does not find any joy in watching sports. 
  • Know and understand your value and never comprise it for anyone.
  • A girl of colour asked me the other day "when you style me, what colour skin do you see?". I replied " I don't see a colour we all bleed the same", what I'm trying to say is if we really want to squash racism or the term "race" as a whole. We have to realize we are setting up barriers without even realizing it. Ignore the colour of my skin and of others and NO I WILL NOT SUPPORT your movement just because it focuses only on ethnic people. The more we stress it the more we allow these issues to breathe. 
  • This Montreal weather really needs to make it's mind up.
  • Blogging takes a lot of time out of my personal time and space it can be a bit frustrating, but at the same time I love sharing great finds and information with my readers. I just really need to find a way to intertwine them together.


  1. can I just say.....


    that is all :)

    Style Interplay

  2. Every so often I have these moments of self actualization. I reflect upon my life and my contribution to things outside of myself. As apart of the process I tend to purge all material objects which were obtained purely out of consumption. Usually garbage bags are involved <---nice to know we have the same packaging process.

    ...if all I do is go out and consume what will I have left?

    My respect for you has multiplied 10 folds. I only hope that everyone comes to this realization at some point in there life.

  3. I was going to sleep, it's quite late where I am. But decided to log on. Good decision. Peaks #4,5,7 really hit home. The first valley was extremely thought provoking. Current state of mind, reevaluation [my] life. Thank you.

  4. I'm never quite certain if the confines of this box are quite the platform I should be using to reply, particularly when I've got such extensive responses. You posed great questions that I could not leave unanswered however, so I had quite the conversation within myself. Thanks for your openness and insight.

  5. I absolutely understand the vapidity of clothing/ the fashion industry in its entirety. Despite my love for all things 'couture', as you said, something about it overwhelms me. I don't really know what exactly it is!

    Great blog by the way! Your sense of style is refreshing!

  6. I love the peaks and valley addition to your blog. Its a great way to put ideas and thoughts out. I thinking I might add something of the sort on mine. Im excited to see where your his and hers features takes ypu..I feel like where on the save wave length with that idea.



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