Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stolen Riches Laces

Wool Blazer - Club Monaco
Crewneck - Ralph Lauren
Cardigan - N/A
Pants - A.A
Laced Leather Lace Ups - Vintage
When it comes to menswear it really is all about the details minor detailing can either make or break an outfit. As you all know I am a big fan of wearing elaborate socks no matter what the case or event maybe. Life is too short to be wearing boring socks everyday it personally just really doesn't cut it, and now I have come across and accessory that can really compliment my taste.
About Stolen Riches: Almost 100 years of manufacturing excellence, their family understands how to deliver a quality product with exceptional durability. They have been producing laces for over four generations and through two World Wars.  David barclay is, once ageing tapping into the successful entrepreneurial spirit of his family to bring Stolen Riches laces to fashionable feet across the world.
With a killer variety of colours and my upmost favourite detail the metal tips, Stolen Riches Premium Dress Laces give the sartorially obsessed and  fashion agnostics, the opportunity to exercise and elaborate their personal tastes with a clean, simple, and unexpected manner.


  1. Well details definitely make your outfit work! The scarf, bracelets, down to your socks!

  2. you always have the most amazing photos! your socks are amazing, i love them! will definitely check out stolen riches! and your bracelets also, make the outfit :) i love the orange theme picked up at your laces and socks and with the hanky, amazing as usual xxx

  3. Love this entire look, ESPEC the shoes man their so cool!

  4. you always always have the best shots and outfit of course.

    J x

  5. You are my discover of the day! Really happy to find your blog, I am a new follower ;)


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