Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peaks & Valley's : The Winner Is.....


  • I promised myself that this summer will be my best yet, by being more productive, experimental, and gain as much knowledge as my head can obtain. That being said the above shot I actually took yesterday spontaneously with a friend of mine. I just grabbed my cam and starting shooting away, just to mostly practice and work with sceneries. There is a lot more from the day just keep up with my Visual Diary over the next few days and weeks if you want to get a look.
  • I plan on doing a hell of a lot more photography over the next few months even some studio work. I'm crazy excited.
  • I wore a bowtie for the first time the other day here's how it turned out .
  • Before Twitter = Facebook. Before Facebook = Myspace. Before Myspace = Life
  • K so if a tomato is a fruit right, than ketchup must be a smoothie no?
  • Let passion drive you.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! ! ! ! To Jessy Diamond winner of the Simons Homme Giveaway.


  • One of my biggest pet peeves : If I am engaged in a conversation with you via text or any form of social media. And I ask you a question DO NOT completely ignore the question and reply with something completely irrelevant. Example : Me : So did you send the email last night like I requested Her : OMG! its raining!
  • "Spencer, serious question..... so like are you gay?" ,she asks " No I'm as straight as it gets", I replied "WAIT WHAT YOU'RE NOT GAY" , her friend yelps. -______- I guess if you're clean and somewhat dress well and don't carry yourself in a douche bag manner. You're gay hmm ignorance.
  • DHL has the worst delivery service on the face of the planet, I must now travel across the city to pick up a package they have failed to deliver THREE TIMES.
  • Sucks when people only want to talk to you cause they feel they can get you to where you want to be. But never really supported you in the beginning.

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