Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Katherineisawesome X Area 51

So as a fan of style many assume I probably follow a good hundred fashion / style blogs, Well sorry to burst your bubble the truth is I kind of only follow two blog religiously. Those to blogs being Isaac Likes & Katherineisawesome , and they both just so happen to be close friends and natives of New Zealand. I was scrolling through Tumblr last night and something magnificent grabbed my attention.

Katherineisawesome , recently styled and shot the look book for a local street wear store in New Zealand called Area 51. In my opinion the styling was impeccable it was sicking ( in a good way ). Not only did I rave on Facebook that I wanted to have the female model (Seon Hwang) hand in marriage. But I had to message Katherine personally and share my  love and thoughts on her latest work. She's extremely humble and sweet just how I like my people, especially those in the "fashion industry".

(The first shot is actually now and will forever be my desktop image)

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