Sunday, March 25, 2012

Etiquette : Humility

"Honestly Spencer I didn't expect you to be like this, you're so down to earth and chill" not to toot my own horn but the amount of times I hear this is countless. People seem to off the bat feel they should have a certain expectation from you or a image off of how you portray yourself. Off the fact that you are somewhat involved in the industry of fashion or even just arts as a whole. The stereotype remains that we are vain, self centred, arrogant, and rude individuals. But really in some cases that is not always true and sadly there are some individuals who carry themselves a particular way mainly because "they feel they have to". This is an issue that has always bothered me personally. Always lingering in the back of my mind "what makes he/she feel they can treat others lower then them or feel as if they are bigger and better than anyone and everyone they interact with".

You never know who is who or what is what, everyone we encounter in our lives I believe are there for a reason. For the good or even for the bad they may have some type of role even if it's not evident right off the bat. That one person you met in English class 3 years ago and you constantly dissed, just might be your only connection to a contract you might need 5 years down the line. See where I'm getting at ? I have met countless amazing people since moving to Montreal, which some may have just walked up to me themselves and introduced themselves. Did I try and play the asshole role and act as if I were too cool? No of coarse not. Really where would that have landed me though, if we cut our veins we all bleed the same way. No one is more human than the next.

Too many individuals really get too caught up in their own hype, they lose their sense of self being and 9 times out of 10 they eventually end up breaking down. Because they don't really remember who they are and what their nature really is.

Keeping your circle tight is a great remedy to avoid such events from occurring. Not saying welcoming new friends is a bad thing, but being too much of a social butterfly that is always in the mix can leave a bad taste in your mouth. How does this tie into falling for your own hype? Having too many Yes Men in your surroundings thats how. Yes Men will do whatever it takes to remain on your good side if it is beneficial for them and their plans. They will never be able to look you in the eye and tell you "thats a horrible idea" scared that you just might cut them off. So since everyone around is feeding you spoonfuls of how great you are 24/7 you'll just eventually get caught up. Get it?

To keep true success/hype one must be constantly on the move and constantly be pushing to find the next "thing" to reach the masses. Versus sitting back and relaxing because they had one good hit with a recent project. Personally I am never 100% satisfied with anything, I always see my own imperfections in anything I work behind. Lets just say it's a gift and a curse, a gift in the sense that I'm constantly trying to better myself as well as my craft. But a curse in a sense that I just might never be satisfied. The thought of knowing there is always bigger and better out there makes me want to keep pushing to eventually grasp it and surpass it within the same breath. Having a taste of success is good but to maintain that success and continue to build off of it and expand is greatness.

Stay humble, focus, keep building, have consistency, and keep your faith.

Inspired By Justin 


  1. Everything here is true and more. Glad to have inspired this post, brother. Keep writing and inspiring.

  2. This is a really good post. I think it all derives from ppl own insecurity so they boast themselves so far up that the seem pompous. It the saying "Fake it till you make it" well some ppl do that but forget the "make it" part.


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