Sunday, April 15, 2012

Needs & Wants

Barker Black - Moxham Loafer

Aren't they a beauty? Why wouldn't you want a pair of these, you'd have to be somewhat insane to reject owning a pair. For all my summer time non sock wearing men out there this is the shoe that you will need on your team this up coming. Barker Black does not disappoint with the Burnt Acorn Calf Moxham Loafer, this is really a gentlemen's shoe at its best. Barker Black pride themselves for offering amazing quality construction, craftsman ship, and modern design with a bit of a rebellious touch. Skull and Crossbones is what represents Barker Black, how cool is that? They offer well made hand finished gentlemen products and to finish it off they must finish it off with their infamous skull and crossbones logo.

Retail: $775.00
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Lifetime Collective Swim Shorts
Pool season is upon us and I don't know about you but I have the hardest time looking for the right beach shorts. It gets to the point where I just avoid any bodies of water all summer. But these navy swim shorts are pretty dope plus the strip print on the back end are just the icing on the cake navy and prints. There is no losing involved here.

Retail : $69.99
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DSPTCH Camera Strap
Day in and day out what is it that I always have on me ? My camera. It really never leaves my side, unless if I'm pointing and shooting. But really my camera strap game can really use a major boosting and for all the other shooters out there with the same dilemma Dsptch has us covered. As you skim through their web space you can grasp that Dsptch draw inspiration from tactical and military fields. With that inspiration they provide their customers with practical, affordable, and everyday accessories.

Retail: $48.00
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