Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peaks & Valley's


  • This is what it feels like to sell Insatgram to Facebook. Here
  • Korea is feeling my Gazelles 
  • Surround yourself with like minded individuals, you really will not regret it.
  • Realizing that we are all given gifts whether we know it or not is very encouraging. Discover your gift your gift is the most rewarding and the best part of life.
  • I'm not exactly the most social person in the room, I've been trying to work on it but it's not the easiest process. Isaac Likes shared a few tips on being more open and social. Here
  • Got a pretty cool relatable ( personally ) concept for the next instalment for What His Is Hers.

  • This past weekend I was out and about with Antoine putting together a film project in a nearby warehouse. As we were leaving the most disturbing thing occurred. The warehouse is pretty beat up and run down, a large chunk of the warehouse is missing right down the middle. You can pretty much see the very top floor from the the ground floor. So as we were leaving Antoine looked up and noticed there was a random dude masturbating down in our direction. When Antoine tried to point it out to us he got scared off and ran. C'mon son like really dude -___-
  • Hearing my own voice will never get easier.
  • I was on the train heading home and random girl took the seat right next to me. Not that there is a issue with that but when the train is completely empty, its a tad odd. So I'm sitting there minding my own business. She then proceeds to compliment me on my pants and what not. We conversed for about 3 minutes, she then took my Ipod from my hand and attempted to write her name and number in the notepad. Confidence is key with anything you approach in life but there really is a limit.

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  1. ahh, public masturbating! that's never good. oh, and the pictures is gorgeous. love her nails.


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