Monday, April 2, 2012

Peaks & Valley's

  • Tumblr has a thing for Sydney, who I shot 2 weeks ago. 12,000 + notes in 2 weeks Woo-Hoo.
  • My buddy Tiago, recently started his own accessory line. And it got picked up by a local boutique here in Montreal. Super proud of the dude. I'll be sure to get a few shots of his work.
  • Intelligence, it needs to be nurtured. No matter what it may be artistic, mathematical, scientific, etc... I hate the fact that so many individuals are intelligent in their own manner but are look down at because their intelligence just is not of value. Somewhat along the lines of THIS.
  • Currently scouting a few locations to shoot my next instalment of Whats His Is Hers, I'm pretty excited about this one. May take a different angle and give back to my readers on this one stay tuned.
  •   This really cool fellow by the name of Isaiah Johnson featured me on his page. Thank You Isaiah.
  • Is it just me or is it extremely awkward when class ends and everyone has already managed to pack their stuff and head out. And you and your prof are the only ones left in the class room? This has happened to me on many occasions this past week, guess it's a good excuse to pack 20 minutes earlier.
  • It sucks when you really look up to someone and they influence you in ways that you don't think could ever really be possible. And you slowly find yourself losing respect for them over time, not because their creativity or mentality has began to slack. But just for the reason they are not the same person or they do not carry themselves the way they claim they carry themselves *stay humble*
  • "It's so easy to be one of those people who only commits halfway to anything. If you don't fully commit, you'll always walk away unscathed. Don't try / can't fail is a bullshit philosophy. Don't be one of those people" - Isaac

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