Thursday, March 29, 2012

Proprpostur x Alibi Boutique

So I'm on a roll with keeping myself busy and productive lately, and it feels great. The days of waking up at a complete loss I really do not want to have to go back to and deal with. Sometimes you just got to get up and do whatever you feel, even if you don't even have a full plan on how you're going to attack it just go with the flow. Hunting for models, scouting locations, and drawing up concepts are quite the time filler.

One of my recent projects was a little shoot I put together with Alibi Boutique. Alibi is a retail space that caters to the passions of lifestyle, art, clothing, and skateboarding. The moment I stepped in I can feel the authentic within the space. Alibi is quite discerning when selecting what brand they want to carry within their space. What I genuinely respect about Alibi is that they believe clothing should not just be worn but also should accompany a lifestyle and be lived into. With that being said, in their methods of deciding on who to carry. Only brands with high quality, strong branding profile, and a strong philosophy behind their products are considered. 

I picked up a few pieces they are currently carrying for the upcoming Spring/Summer inventory. And I just really went crazy.For those in the Montreal area Alibi is located : 506 Rachel East Montreal.

As well check out their Site |  Tumblr | Facebook


  1. These girls are amazing, especially with the crisp, clean, boyish outfits to accompany their subtle beauty. Amazing post, once again.

  2. These are some really good looks. I'm a fan of look one.

  3. Thank you, i had a great time shooting this piece :)


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