Friday, August 20, 2010


A dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep. What do you dream about? Or maybe even day dream about? Everybody in life want success, victory, love, and to feel complete.

 But many don't understand the hard work, determination, discipline, ambition, and the amount of pain. They must forgo to make these dreams a reality. Its like our own personal world a comfort zone if you will, when we sit and close our eyes in the middle of class, work, or even on a long bus ride, and just day dream about a better place where we would want to be instead of cooped up at a desk or cubical.

Like to tell myself nothing that i can ever fathom with in my mental is not impossible NOTHING. As long as i stay focused and determined my mentality can never be broken.

“You ever prayed for something your whole life? I mean, all you dreamed about was this one thing.I mean, you know it’s comming. You have faith in all that. But sometimes…Sometimes you second guess yourself That’s human nature, I suppose, second guessing…When life seems to take you through more downs than ups. Seems like it gives you more losses than wins. But do you stand tall and be bold?Or do you fold? Do you believe? See, me, I came a long way. Way too far for me to stop now. Not that I would stop anyways but…I’m so close, I can feel it…Can you feel it?” – Cole


  1. Its so true accomplishing your dreams take alot of faith and determination. Alot of time people become over come with the pain and let downs that accompany dreaming that they give up. I will never give up ever.


  2. These are fantastic photos! Love all of them!!!


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