Monday, May 23, 2011

Proprpostur Style Book s/s 2011

This is the first instalment of Spencer Edwards Style Book series. This instalment embraces  the feel of spring / summer styling for 2011.The video experimented with colours that are muted but yet still very vibrant and lively accompanying the feel of the season. What inspired this shooting was the lifestyle of the everyday gentlemen and lady throughout a day to day basis. To achieve this vision filming was done on the downtown streets of Ottawa and Montreal. All styling and filming was done by Spencer Edwards, with kind participation of friends and models from Angie’s Modeling Agency. This project was able to be brought to life and shared with the world of fashion and style.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Attention To Detail : Pocket Square

"In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention."

No matter the onsomble,there is no substitute to attention to every detail, no matter how insignificant any detail may seem. An outfit doesnt always need to be loud and aggressive to speak or grab an individuals attention. Just like many things less can be more and style is no exception to this.
Attention to detail will be a series of posts that will highlight key pieces and styles that can add to your look/style.
A pocket square is a piece of square cloth, or a handkerchief that can be folded in several ways, and tucked into the breast pocket of your blazer for that instant pop of colour.

Unfortunately, not many accessories for men have the ability to go from fashionable to functional in the blink of an eye like a well-folded pocket square. What is great about pocket squares is that there is always a great way to fit them in to your wardrobe regardless on your style preferences. For example if you find yourself more to be a person who like to stick to darker tones and shades. Pocket squares can be that one item that you wear to allow your outfit to pop just a little bit, but in a subtle manner.
If you style consists of a lot of colour play, you can just look at the pocket square as another piece to really experiment with colour wise to accommodate your style. Or possibly working with different textures and patterns is your thing. Pocket squares come in vast selections of sizes, textures and patterns, so really there is no way you can really go wrong with trying one out.

If you’ve always appreciated a woman who bothers with the elegant touch of earrings and necklaces, a pocket square will have the exact same effect on her. It tells her that this is a man that cares enough to pay attention to detail and possesses an eye for style and creativity.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun in my face.

Outfit:  Shirt-Eva B / Shorts-Thrifted / Loafers-Thrifted

What beautiful weather we have been having as of late! I had to venture off to school to clean out my locker just before the janitors decided to throw out all of my belongings. Just like every other student, I waited until the last minute procrastination always finds its way to get the best of me. But it was a great relief to finish exams and really kick off my summer festivities. I just purchased a 50mm f/ 1.8 lens the other day, the sharpness and quality is amazing. Eventually I plan on moving up to a 1.4 but until than I'm extremely happy and satisfied with the lens. I will be uploading a few new pics to my PHOTO DIARY so give that a gander.
The weather was really calling for much lighter/comfortable apparel. I really don't know how I'm going to manage this summer and spring. Due to the reason that I love to layer and wear much more darker and earth tone colors. So spicing things up will be a bit of a challenge, especially when humidity comes into play. And I've already been warned on many occasions that  humidity here in Montreal is a really big issue as the summer months really progress. But meh, what doesn't kill you just makes u dress better right?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This whole blog has really developed into something I would never expect it to. Just from running this blog I have grown a lot more as a person mentally. Along the way I have met amazing people whether it could be at a fashion event to bumping to someone randomly on the train telling me they managed to come across my blog. Being able to inspire others is probably the greatest feeling that one can have. The thought that others find hope and life in what you share is something that I have never really experienced until now. 

Every minute of every day I am always trying to cook up a new way to possibly challenge myself mentally or physically. You can never stop learning your craft, there is nowhere to ever go but up. Down should never be an option. I am a strong believer that if you work hard enough in something that you believe in everything will pan out and come together where it should in the end.

And of course with that you will always have minor setbacks or faults that come across your path. With that being said I have been working on a style film for the past month or two now. And this is just a random idea that popped in my head to just do. I have always had an attraction to style. But this blog has really helped me embrace it, develop it, and give it structure. My film is really a experimental piece in my life. I grabbed a few models who so happened to be great friends of mine I ran my idea and concept by them and I was blessed enough to have them hop on board. I can’t wait to share it with all my readers and friends. And get some feedback from everyone, who care to continue to help me grow and learn.

"If you believe in something stand up for it. Don't just be a by-stander in this life or in this game. Too much by-standing going around." - MT

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let the games begin!

Down Vest - Thrifted
Plaid - Thrifted
Sexuality Tee - American Apparel
Pants - American Apparel
Wing tip loafers - Thrifted

Its over it all seems to be over with. The cold snowy weather that is, spring is really finally beginning to show its true colors finally. Now it’s time to slowly find ways to adapt to the change after the past long excruciating months of cold and snow. With that being said its time to break out my cuffed shorts, tanks, short sleeved button ups, and some light weight trousers. I must admit I’m not looking forward to dealing with the hot sun burning down on my face, it’s not exactly best feeling.

This week is going to be pretty hectic due to exams, but at the same time it’s a big sigh of relief to finally get school out of the way. This will be my first summer living here in Montreal and I really plan on making it a glorious and memorable experience. Just to go out mingle, create, meet new people, and grow is what I’m really striving for. As well if you guys may have notice I have a “photo diary” yeah yeah I know I haven’t updated that in the loooongest time. But I plan on getting back on track with that this summer.