Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Company

Blazer - Vintage
Cardigan - Vintage
Thermal / Waffle Shirt - Club Monaco
Button Up - Ralph Lauren
Flannel Tie - Vintage
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Boots - Palladium
Cot Damn!!! it is freezing in my neck of the woods, Iwas onversing with  few buddies who stay over in New York and they had the nerve to complain about -2 degree weather.  Clearly there don't know cold until they faced it over here in Canada. Got hit with -25 degrees today and to be honest thats considered a good day. I guess some people just get it easy right?

Spent the day with Halftime Collective , just really to kick back, capture some visuals, as well discuss future endeavours. The people you keep around you in your circle really reflect who your are to a certain extent. Keep in mind "To a certain extent".


  1. you look wonderful as always and you're right O town is way too cold!

  2. looking good (i'm not surprised)!! Try to stay warm, -25 is no joke!!

  3. Love this look



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