Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspired By....

So lets talk colour people, let's face it in the world of fashion and style nothing even compares to the influence and impact that colour holds in this world. It's all around us and gets us by each and everyday not just in fashion but on a day to day basis intersections, foods we eat, how we might want to express ourselves, colour has a way to say it all in various influences.

The art of matching influences, Pantonism has managed to create a concept to inspire everyone and anyone from different spectrums of design, creatives, music, branding, products, and settings. This site is well a construct form piece of inspiration for all and I highly suggest everyone take the time out and get inspired.

Pick a color!!!
And tell me whats your favourite! 

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  1. your blog is awesome! i like so much all your outfits ;)


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