Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Needs&Wants : The Blues

For the longest time I have always had something against the color blue and I just could never put my finger on it. Ever since I was a kid it really just never appealed to really. But since I picked up Mark Mcnairy X Keds , my outlook on the color has slowly begin to transition. However, I believe I will forever be against baby blue but all other tones of blue such as navy, royal, lapis, etc are all fine by me. 

I hope you all had a well enjoyed and rested Christmas with the ones you love and care for dearly. It's moments like those during the holidays that really show that you will always have those around to support and care for you under any conditions.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Attention To Detail : Herringbone

Messenger Hat
Button Up - DKNY
Leather Waist Coat - Thrifted
Blazer - N/A
Plaid Pants - Against Nudity
Desert Boot - Clarks
It is all over it is finally over, well finals that is. So to really explain lack of posts well...there you have it. But never mind all that I'm back and trying to get the flow back into what I love to share. Speaking of sharing I 'm currently working on my next upcoming series "Whats His Is Hers", yet again just another chapter in all of my visions.
When talking about classic F/W detailing,textures, and patterns Herringbone is right up there in top tier without a doubt.  With such simplicity but at the same time well structured and finished Herringbone truly is winter wool staple that every man should own.

The Herringbone detailing is defined as " An arrangement or design consisting of column of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column sloping the other resulting in resembling bones of a fish, tends to be used in the weave of cloth or placing of bricks."

The great folks at Against Nudity sent me these great pair of plaid trousers. This plaid pattern is minimal and classic, great for pairing them with a solid garment on your upper half. Not only was the detailing of the plaid appealing but also the pocket and button detailing  caught my eye. Really can't take yourself too serious all the time right? The buttons and pocket detailing is a great way to flare out a little bit of character and personality. However, would I wear them to an extremely formal event? Possibly not.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Attention To Detail : Elbow Patches [Tiago]

Just a few outtakes from my previous shoot with homie Tiago.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dress For Comfort

Quilted Jacket - Hawkgings & McGill
Corduroy Pant - A.A
Sneakers - Adidas

Ah my utmost favorite time of the year, FINALS!. Can you sense my enthusiasm? Didn't think so, for the next week or so this is the type of attire you will only catch me in. The amount of projects and exams have me running all over the city getting as much done as possible. And wingtips are not necessarily the best piece of footwear for such occasions.

Quilted Jacket, offers durability, versatility, comfort, and structure what else more can you ask for? Every man should own one its pretty much a staple for the fall. The polyester shell mixed with a nylon lining offers a great shield againt weather's chills not only that but it remains lightweight giving the wearer much more comfort and space to maneuver day to day.
Speaking of comfort, man oh man its been literally 3 years since I pulled these out the box. I was once a collector of sneakers (one expensive hobby I'm more than happy I got over). But nonetheless my eyes are still able to identify a great sneaker when I see one. Out of all the sneakers I own I gravitate towards these more than my Jordans or Max Triax 91's. Adidas Gazelles needless to say will always and forever be a classic along with their brother The Shell Top Adidas. These sneakers are bit of a variation of the Gazelle, the Gazelle Skate offers much more comfort and and cushioning for those long treks through out the concrete jungle. And are a perfect fit for these long and gruesome weeks of finals.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Needs&Wants : Custom New Balance US574

For a bit of time now I have been keeping my eyes open for picking up a pair of New Balance sneakers, but my particularity has always gotten the best of me. I'm somewhat picky when trying to pick up footwear and even though New Balance makes amazing sneakers I always find myself finding a flaw or sometimes making up a flaw whether its the colorway or minor details to why I should not purchase them ( crazy I know ).

One day I was just browsing through a few blogs here and there mindlessly and I came across something golden. New Balance is offering their customers now a chance to design their own sneaker from their  classic 574 model. I found this on Noah's blog ( which really is worth checking out ). So now I really have no choice but to go crazy and put something together.

(Photos Courtesy of Noah)
Design your own sneaker HERE

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fall Postur : Corduroy

Camo Crewneck - Obey
Down Vest - Thrifted
Button Up - Tommy Hilfiger
Corduroy - A.A
Loafers - Vintage
As my readers know the fall is most definetly my favorite season of the year, but sadly all good things must come to an end. I'm prepping myself not only physically with my attire but mentally as well. The winter season here in Montreal, Canada shows no mercy at all. Its still fall but the temperature is for sure keeping us aware that any day now things are all going to change and before we know it I will be up to my calves in snow and temperatures will drop to the point where school isn't a good enough excuse to leave my apartment.

But for now the chill isn't too bad yet but its getting there. To hold up against such weather what we all need on our side is a great pair or 2 or maybe even 3 of corduroy pants. Cords are probably the most comfortable pieces a man can own next to a cashmere sweater not to mention they are also extremely durable. These just so happen to be my favorite pair that I own mainly for the color, the plum tone really defines fall.
A man with just as much of a passion, love, and understanding of menswear is my good friend Tiago. I paired up with him for this post. Tiago, really sets himself away from most individuals that I know his style is impeccable really. His ability toe mix and match textures, patterns, vibes, colors etc. keeps him one step ahead from the rest. I haven't met many one who carry the passion for menswear as this gentlemen.

Navy Beenie
Oxford button down dress shirt -Vintage
Burgundy sweater navy elbow patch- H&M
Mustard corduroy pants-Bershka
Bow tie -H&M
Crazy socks -Mr bs x Aldo
Hand made shoes-vintage (Portugal)
Duffle coat-H&M

Tiago : By this time of the year the temperature is starting to get cold so instead of only wearing a boring single layer jacket.I like to wear several layers, play with textures & patterns. I'm a fan of mixing the vintage vibe along  with new stuff, it allows you to create something different and unique.What I like about corduroy its not only the fact that its comfortable and warm it has this vintage look & the texture.

Keep up with Tiago and his tips HERE